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NO ropes, NO lines, NO hassles- and the LARGEST entertainment event in
Vegas’ nightlife history. Its F***ing FABULOUS.

“On November 1st 2008, Las Vegas’ largest and most extravagant Nightlife &
Dance Music event will be unveiled to the world. With multiple stages dedicated
to the worlds greatest artists and a visual experience to overwhelm even the most
elaborate “Vegas” preconceptions, FABULOUS will be an event unparalleled to
any other in the city of lights and glamour”.

Welcome to “FABULOUS” Las Vegas

FABULOUS presents the first event in Las Vegas’ entertainment history to merge
the world renowned concepts of both “Music Festival” and “Nightlife”, offering a mul-
tistage production which embraces all ‘Dance Music’ cultures. Conceptualized and
annually held in the nightlife epicenter of the world -Amsterdam (Holland)- by the
globally renowned “Art of Dance” company, FABULOUS now exports and introduces
the “European” Festival Experience to the USA- complete with State of theArt Video
and Audio displays, extravagant aesthetic allure, high energy entertainment and
both indoor and outdoor stages dedicated to presenting the worlds greatest and
most sought after Electronic and Indie dance music acts. This extravagant produc-
tion will be held on November 1st, 2008 at the ‘Orleans Arena Complex’, where it
boasts a 13,000 person capacity and will run from the hours of 10pm-7am. It is with
great pride to introduce the FABULOUS experience to the Western World.

Conceived by ‘Art of Dance’, FABULOUS was an event brought to life in the heart
of Amsterdam, where FABULOUS still occurs annually. Since its initial year,
FABULOUS has successfully set new precedents for even the most advanced
Festival experience found in Europe. With its origins fixed around the concepts of
‘glamour’, high-energy entertainment, world-renowned music talent and over the
top aesthetic allure, Art of Dance saw it as a natural fit to export the “FABULOUS”
experience to Las Vegas. On November 1st, 2008, FABULOUS will finally meet
its Western destination.

The FABULOUS Experience

FABULOUS will take place on Saturday Nov 1st, 2008- the second day of the
Halloween Weekend. Considered one of Las Vegas’ “top 5” busiest weekends of
the year, most individuals generally have no other option than to wait in slow mov-
ing lines only to pay extravagant cover charges and be hassled by doormen for
one’s preference of fashionable attire; all in the name of a mediocre club experi-
ence which involves generic music formats and inane celebrity appearances.
FABULOUS will present the alternative to this conventional experience, treating
all in attendance with appreciation, open mindedness and welcome access while
managing to boast the largest nightlife and entertainment experience in Las
Vegas’ history.

Age Restriction

As for breaking new ground: FABULOUS will be the only option in the realm of

‘nightlife’ for consumers between the ages of 18-20. This demographic is virtually

untapped within the Las Vegas market.


Art of Dance has arranged for a variety of ticketing options in order to meet the
desires of each person’s preferred experience. Options include general admission
tickets at $66 as well as VIP tickets ($120- which include a series of benefits) and
VIP Private Booths with Bottle Service selections. Advance ticket sales will also
be available, a highly recommended choice in order to secure a ticket before
they’re sold out.


FABULOUS has been conceived through an unwavering devotion to innovation
and creative vision. Upon the conceptualization of FABULOUS, the mission was
simple and organic: create something truly virgin, unique and genuinely exciting
while providing the most unforgettable entertainment experience for party goers
from every walk of life. It is ‘Art of Dance’s’ pride to say that these goals are
being surpassed as the launch of FABULOUS grows ever closer.
Everyone involved with FABULOUS has invested great amounts of effort towards
making sure the event represents an Eco Friendly Program. In order to do this,
all actions have been taken to ensure that everything from print material to labor
and production methods have left the smallest carbon footprint behind. It is an
ongoing dedication and mission to keep the FABULOUS production environmen-
tally responsible.

Art of Dance

Recognized as one of the leading and foremost innovative entertainment compa-
nies in all of Europe, Art of Dance has altered the face of modern day Festival &
Live Music production. Based out of Amsterdam, Holland, Art of Dance does over
25 annual events & festivals throughout Europe (Germany, Italy, Holland) and
reaches an average of 500,000+ people per year. The “FABULOUS” festival is
but one of their products in a vast line of greatly acclaimed events which range
from ‘Dance Music Festivals’ to 80,000 person concert productions. Upon reach-
ing a pinnacle within the European Entertainment market, Art of Dance made the
choice to expand their reach to a Global platform, such result was found in the
Launch of ‘Art of Dance USA’. Founded in February of 2008, ‘Art of Dance U.S.A’
has already arranged for one of the States’ most anticipated events, “FABULOUS
Las Vegas” (Nov 1st, 2008), an event which will usher in Las Vegas’ largest enter-
tainment production of 2008. With its name already on top of the industry pyra-
mid, one can see that the future is only at its beginning for Art of Dance.


Night Lights (Indoor Arena Stage)

Welcome to Las Vegas’ largest ever Nightlife and Dance Music event. Home to
the world’s most celebrated artists, “Night Lights” will introduce a never before experienced journey of Music and Visual phenomena.

Artists Include:

> Armin Van Buuren (Voted #1 Dj in the World); (www.arminvanbuuren.com;

http://www.myspace.com/arminvanbuuren )
> Bad Boy Bill (http://www.badboybill.com/) (voted “America’s favorite DJ”)
> Deadmau5 (Most Downloaded Dance Music Artist of 2008- Best House & Elec-
tro DJ of 2008) (http://www.deadmau5.com/)
> Robbie Rivera (http://www.robbierivera.com/)
and more…

Blown Speakers (Outdoor Stage)

Dedicated to the most explosive movement in modern day music, “Blown Speak-
ers” introduces Las Vegas to its most anticipated party. With today’s most proph-
esized Indie & Electro artists playing host, this outdoor arena becomes
destination to the world’s ‘loudest’ event.
> MSTRKRFT (http://www.myspace.com/mstrkrft ) (Headline)- “Fist of God” tour
featuring special guests
> ED BANGER official party (Ed Banger – leaders of the Indie Dance genre and
the label of current chart topping act “Justice”) with:
> Sebastian (http://www.myspace.com/0sebastian0 )
> Busy P ( http://www.myspace.com/busyp )
> DJ Mehdi ( http://www.myspace.com/djmehdi )
> Mr. Flash
> So Me
> Crystal Castles (Live Band- one of the leading Indie acts in the world)
> Felix Cartal (http://www.myspace.com/felixcartal )
> HeartsRevolution (Live Band) (http://www.myspace.com/heartsrevolution)

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