Album Review – The Drums – Portamento

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This review of The Drums’s new album Portamento comes from long time YTC supporter Dana Leonard. This is Dana’s second album review for YTC so make sure to keep an eye out for more of her work. If you have any thoughts about the Drums new album Portamento make sure to comment on this post and let us know what you think -poppinoff


Album Review – The Drums – Portamento

the drums

The Drums. Ever heard of them? They are a rising indie pop band from Brooklyn New York. You might know some of their members from their previous band, Elkland. Their sound triggers memories of The Smiths and The Strokes. The Drums new album, Portamento, seems like the perfect lazy Sunday listen, as many of their songs are soothing, but mixed with an eclectic keyboard sound. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact direction of their sound, but that’s the beauty in their music. It’s original, unique, and promising.
The Drums first single, Money, opens with the lyrics, “before I die I’d like to buy you something.” That is the first of many references of death on this album. Money speaks to its audience, as most of The Drums’ fans are broke, 18-25 year olds who want to love and desire to make their partner happy, but are faced with a financial roadblock. Book of Revelation, an upbeat track fused with meaningful lyrics and an assortment of indie/electro sounds, again makes a reference to death. “And I believe/ that when we die, we die/ so let me love you tonight.” However, the grim lyrics do not match the beat and this is the perfect song to blast in the car while driving down the freeway.
After seeing a trend in death, I became curious and researched the Drums history. Apparently the Drums have been through a bit of a rough patch, and were close to breaking up this past summer. If you listen carefully, that depression is reflected throughout Portamento.
Another track, What You Were, caught my attention. “But still I cave in/ I gave you my heart/ I cave in/ I knew I would die.” How can someone listen to those lyrics and NOT relate to them? They relate to everyone who has longed for a relationship with someone. They are emotional, raw, and everything a listener wants to hear from their favorite artist.
So, what is my consensus for Portamento? French Kiss Records did a fine job releasing it in September. It embodies fall, school, love, tragedy, and changing— everything September entails. Go out and buy it, but more importantly spread the word about this budding group. The Drums are sure to continue surprising us in sound, lyrics, and the indie music scene. – Dana Leonard


The Drums – Money

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