Arrested @ Rage: The YTC story

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This past Friday, July 23rd, Rage Against the Machine played the first concert in their hometown of Los Angeles, CA in 10 years.  The concert was held as a benefit for a group fighting Arizona’s Immigration law SB1070 (Sound Strike)

The show sold out almost immediately and tickets were going for up to $500 on Ebay and Craigslist.  None the less, YTC was determined to rock out to Rage at the Palladium.  When we arrived to the Palladium, barricades were set up blocking off sections outside the venue.  About 50 people were outside and around the venue trying to find tickets.  Unfortunately, tickets were scarce and security guards were being absolute dicks and not allowing anyone to stand on the sidewalks and look for tickets.

Photo by Alberto Martin / EPA

After a good hour and a half of looking for tickets, they started a line and let the first 5 people into the venue for free. Which was very cool, but def a bummer, because none of the YTC crew was in the first 5.  We were shooed away from the venue once again and decided to head out.  We walked to the far side of the venue to see if we could, at least, HEAR the band.  When we got there their was a few people hanging around and jamming out, but, alas, security eventually found us standing on a sidewalk (that was not marked as closed as other sidewalks in the area were) and told us we needed to get off the sidewalk.

We used the old ‘this is a public sidewalk’ bit, and were told that it didn’t matter and we had to move.  The gentlemen who were talking to us were in street clothes and had little earbuds in.  While they were yelling at us to disperse, I asked if they worked for Live Nation or a private contractor.  They would not respond and yelled at us again to leave. I asked my question again; I simply wanted to find out if they had any actual jurisdiction over the public sidewalk.

They yelled at us once more, and I asked for the 3rd and final time. The gentleman then said he was going to arrest me if i didn’t leave. I, then, asked to see his badge, to which he said, “Screw It,” and pulled out a pair of cuffs and reached for my arms.  I threw my hands in the air, took a step back and said ” I don’t know who you are, I am not letting you cuff me unless I see a badge.” He did not present a badge, but simply grabbed on to me again.  I remained calm during this entire time (because I am good like that) and asked in a loud voice, “Let me see a badge.”    Finally, a gentleman with some sort of badge appeared and I let him cuff me without hassle.

They detained me for about 5 minutes, and after having no reason whatsoever for detaining me, they let me go.  It was just a flex of their power.

I am still not sure if the gentleman who originally pulled out the cuffs and grabbed me was a cop or not, nor did I see any identification.  I have, however, seen this gentleman at several Live Nation events, and am very interested if he is an employee or contracted by Live Nation.  I understand the need for someone to possibly utilize handcuffs within the venue or on the venue’s property, but on a public sidewalk?  I also understand that there was high security needed at this show because it was Rage Against The Machine, but in all honesty, how hard is it to flash a badge when wanting to get some kids (who just want to listen to a song or two outside of a venue) to disperse?

I just hope the next time Live Nation has a concert like this they get all of the necessary sidewalks closed off so there isn’t a question on where people are (or are not) allowed to stand when trying to get into a concert.

I hope everyone that made it in to the show had a blast.  Please comment on this post and let us know how it went. Keep on rocking in the sorta free world! -lorn

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2 Comments to “Arrested @ Rage: The YTC story”

  1. TownBusiness says:

    Wow! Where better for this to occur than at a Rage Against the Machine concert? Atleast you have this awesome story to tell. I am really proud of you for how you handled it. You protected your rights and stood your ground while at the same time staying within the legal boundaries of the law. You have every right to request for an officer to identify themselves especially if you are going to be taken into custody. In fact I believe it is police procedure and maybe even law for officers to identify themselves upon approaching civilians. It is for both there safety and the safety of citizens in the communitty. Police take an oath to "protect and serve" not "harass and search" but I am beginning to here more and more cases where they are abusing there powers and treating innocent civilians in a truly brutal manner. I wish you luck on trying to identify this supposed "officer" and hope that no one else has to experience what you have. "Some of those that work forces are the same that burn crosses." All B.S. aside looked like an amazing show.

  2. jimmy p says:

    thank god rage isnt playing in arizona. those guys suck and dont swallow.

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