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The last year has been a great one for the YTC Crew.  I saw some of the coolest, most impressive shows I’ve EVER seen and we met TONS of cool new peeps.  I didn’t attend as many shows this year as I did in 2008 or 2009, but that only motivates me to make up for it in 2011!  Below I have listed my Top 10 Concerts of the year.  This list excludes Festivals and shows that were not reviewed on YouTellConcerts for one reason or another.

Total Concerts Reviewed: 46

10. Lord T & Eloise @ The Viper Room (Ep.354)

This show made it into the list for a couple of reasons.  First of all, the concept of Aristo-Crunk is directly aligned with my tastes.  Secondly, we had never reviewed a show at the Viper Room before and this turned out to be an excellent debut for the venue on our site.  Third, we got to crunk it up in the parking lot with Lord T & Eloise before their set!  Finally, THEY WERE REALLY FUCKING GOOD.  Maybe it’s dick to sound so surprised, but they are better than you might think.

9.  Manu Chao @ Troubadour (Ep.417)

Lorn had been raving about these guys for at least a week or two before the show.  I can be brief about why this show made the Top 10.  MANU CHAO FUCKING ROCKS!

8.  The Eagles @ The Hollywood Bowl (Ep.351)

Some bands transcend generations.  Some bands have so many hits they can make a full 2 hour concert performance with them.  One band is the Eagles.  People can say whatever they want about the Eagles, but this was hands down one of the best shows to come through Los Angeles in 2010.

7.  Tom Petty & Heartbreakers @ The Hollywood Bowl (Ep.411)

Like the Eagles, Tom Petty is able to play for hours and every song is a hit.  I felt really fortunate to catch so many classic acts at the Hollywood Bowl this year.  If you have never been to the Hollywood Bowl, you are seriously missing out!

6.  Empire of the Sun @ Music Box (Ep.394)

This was one of the surprise performances for me this year.  I wasn’t familiar with the band before the week of the show, but after I listened to a few of their songs I realized I was already a fan.  I just didn’t know it.  Of all the unknown acts I saw this year, Empire of the Sun was definitely the highlight and I will probably go out of my way to catch them again in 2011.

5.  The Pixies @ The Joint LV (Ep.404)

The only show I covered in Vegas this year slides in to the 5th spot because it was an all around great experience.  Let alone the fact it was probably one of the best Vegas trips in recent memory, The Pixies came with full force and I couldn’t be happier they are reunited.  We saw them last year at the Palladium and this was just like a second viewing of that show.  Amazing!

4.  Janes Addiction @ The Roxy (Ep.378)

What an incredibly amazing experience!  Not only was this a LEGIT Jane’s Addiction performance (with Duff McKagan on drums!) at a small club (The Roxy!), but it was 100% FREE!  The show was a promotion for something unrelated to the band, but I guess I’ll mention for the singular reason that they provided me with my 4th favorite show of 2010.  Jane’s Addiction is not to be missed.  I totally get it now.

3.  Gorillaz @ Gibson Amphitheater (Ep.418)

Although Gorillaz released my favorite album of the year, “Plastic Beach,” their Coachella performance was a bit of a blue ball.  They didn’t play half of the songs I wanted them to play and there was no encore.  However, when they promised to come back later in the year, I knew they wouldn’t disappoint.  I was delightfully rewarded for my patience and faith in Damon Albarn.  When Gorillaz played at Gibson Amphitheater the came with everything I wanted to hear and without a doubt performed one of the best show I attended in 2010.

2.  Roger Waters @ Staples Center (Ep.428)

WOW!  First of all, the last time Roger Waters toured “The Wal”l I wasn’t even born.  So THIS is what people are talking about when they say “once in a life time experience.”  In terms of overall performance, stage production, and music this was the BEST show I saw in 2010.  The Wall itself, an amazing visual display that spanned the entire width of Staples Center, was easily the biggest screen I have ever seen.  Roger Waters didn’t pretend to sing the high notes.  He let the tape roll and stuck with the parts he could still do justice.  This was great!  Roger was the conductor of a rock and roll show at it’s absolute best.  I will never forget this.

1.  LCD Soundsystem @ Hollywood Bowl (Ep.415)

This show takes the cake.  They reason?  It was one of those experiences that was amazing, unforgettable and can never be recreated.  The band.  The venue.  The crowd.  The atmosphere.  The friends.  Everything lined up on this summer night in Hollywood with LCD Soundsystem for my favorite concert of 2010.  After about two songs a mist fell over the Hollywood Bowl and everything just clicked.  We saw LCD at the Palladium earlier in the year and the performance was equally as stellar.  Their most recent release, “This is Happenening,” was my second favorite album of the year and I’d be lying if I said this didn’t play a part in this ranking.  Don’t miss LCD Soundsystem.  You will regret it.

Honorable Mention: Thirty Seconds to Mars @ The Greek (Ep.362)

Best Electronic Music Set: Rusko @ Ultra Day 2

Best Festival Set: Les Claypool @ Coachella
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