Ep.395 – Chromeo & Holy Ghost! @ Cannery Ballroom – Nashville, TN 8-26-10

Ep.395 – Chromeo & Holy Ghost! @ Cannery Ballroom – Nashville, TN 8-26-10

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The Cannery Ballroom was all smiles at last week’s Chromeo show. It was nice to see people unleash their party animal, and get down to the “lover’s funk.”
You don’t even have to think about having a good time with Chromeo. It just happens; effortlessly. They take every diesel piece of 80’s [...]

Chromeo // Interview 1

Chromeo // Interview 1

Interview w/ Chromeo

I can’t put into words how jazzed I was about meeting Chromeo, and usually when I’m jazzed about things…I mess them up. This time, I managed to select the most random and worst smelling room at the Cannery for our interview, and didn’t press for details on some of my questions – [...]

Photos – Chromeo @ Cannery Ballroom – Nashville, TN 8-26-10

I wanna know what fun is! Chromeo showed me! Here are some of my poor quality pics from the night taken with a point and shoot.  Holy Ghost! (opener) and How I Became the Bomb (performing the afterparty as a Hall & Oates cover band) are also featured in this album. Check out Nashville [...]

Ep.287 – Chromeo (DJ Set) @ Discotheque / Club 740 – Los Angeles, CA

Photos by
Bryan hits the club with Kimberly and Lucy to see Chromeo perform a DJ Set on their DJ Kicks Tour.

I was really glad to see Chromeo take some chances with their set at Discotheque.  As Dave1 mentions at the VERY END of the video review, they did play a lot of disco in [...]

Ep.203 – Audiotistic 2009 @ NOS Events Center – San Bernadino, CA

Audiotistic was great and Insomniac events always brings the party!

Chromeo rocked the house and ended up being the most talked about act of the night !

Get your hands up !!!

The one downfall to the night was waiting for an hour and a half to get our tickets. When we arrived there was no line to [...]

YTC featured on

So last week the internet blog Hipster Run Off posted this about YTC
I am excited about the future of the internet + music journalism
I totes <3 the internet yall. It really ‘levels the playing field’ and gives every1 the same opportunity to ‘show the world who u r’ and ‘convey ur perspective on the world.’
I [...]

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