Rites of Spring

Ep. 356 – Rites of Spring 2010 @ Vanderbilt University – Nashville, TN

Rain, Rain, Go Away!  It’s a complete and utter Suck Fest that it rained during this year’s Rites of Spring Festival.  This was my second year attending, and once again, I was super impressed with Vanderbilt’s booking.  They manage to pull in the most talked about acts in Alternative, R&B, Hip Hop, and Rock to [...]

Rites of Spring @ Vanderbilt This Weekend – Nashville, TN

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This weekend is Vanderbilt’s annual Rites of Spring Music Festival, and yet another loaded lineup.
It all starts tonight with a Battle of the Bands and a Silent Disco. The winning bands will play the first set of the festival on either Friday or Saturday. Proceeds from the Battle of the Bands will [...]

Ep.187 – Rites of Spring 2009 @ Vanderbilt University – Nashville , TN

Much like Asher Roth, I love college (or loved college). Attending Day 1 of the “Rites of Spring” concert at Vanderbilt University made me nostalgic, and jealous that my school didn’t have a two day music festival on campus every year. I can’t complain too much, because we did get Run DMC and Biz Markie [...]

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