Winter Music Conference

WMC09 – Day 4 – Sat 3/28/09

SO much MORE (interviews, pics, vids..) to come!!
Again… lack of time and no internet access when you are running around partying 24/7.  Lorn and I are currently waiting in the Ft. Lauderdale airport for providence to magically return us to Los Angeles.  I think we are going to bump this joint and go hang out [...]

WMC09 – Day 3 – Fri 3/27/09

Day 3 and 4 were absolutely insane on Miami Beach and the Ultra Festival was a complete orgy of sound and lights.  No internet access, and more importanly, a complete lack of any amount of time left me unable to post up information, pictures, and video from these 2 days… but don’t worry.  I have [...]

WMC09 – Day 2 – Thurs 3/26/09

Photo by Rob Loud

I rolled up to the B-Live Party at about 4pm w/ my little bro Scott who was an official YTC crewman for the day.

It was insane. Jazzy Jeff, Diplo, and A-Trak + FREE Bacardi at the ridiculously decadent Fountainebleau Hotel is hard not to be totally awesome.

I will add more pictures and [...]

WMC09 – Day 1 – Wed 3/25/09

Wow. The first day in Miami was an excellent warm up for what is sure to be a nonstop party from here on out. I lucked out flying standby on the way here and got upgraded to first class. Only way to fly! Check out the video below for some quick [...]

I’m in Miami, Bitch! (almost)

I’m busily running around like a hippopotamus with his leg cut off trying to pack everything last minute for Miami.  Weather looks awesome!
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I am excited about what’s in store for me in Miami this year during the Winter Music Conference, but [...]

YTC is goin’ to WMC in Miami

Next week I’ll be heading to Miami, FL to cover the Winter Music Conference.  There will be endless club parties, the International Dance Music Awards, and the 2009 Ultra Music Festival over the course of 4 days.  I will be live blogging and posting up pictures, video, and information about my adventures.
You can use the [...]

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