Chrystal’s Top 10 Concerts of 2009

I’m not sure how many shows I’ve been to this year, but my total has to be around 80. It was a fun year transitioning to the Nashville lifestyle. This is a small big city packed with talent, venues, and hella cool people.
It’s almost like a secret treasure for the music lover. All the great [...]

Ep.320 – Jason Michael Carroll @ Exit/In – Nashville, TN – 12/10/09

Earlier this year, a coworker took me as her guest to the Sony riverboat showcase for the CRS conference. That was when I first found out about Jason Michael Carroll. Sharing the stage with big guns like Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney, Gretchen Wilson, Carrie Underwood, and so many more, he held his own.
At the beginning, [...]

Har Mar Superstar // Interview

Dear Nashville (minus the coolest kids in town),
Where the hell were you last night? How could you miss the crazy awesomeness that went down at Exit/In? Har Mar Superstar molested our eyes, ears, and mind with his innovative dance moves and soulful sounds; I pity you…I do.
Yet, I’m selfishly happy at the same time; less [...]

Ep.290 – Next Big Nashville 2009 – Nashville, TN

Next Big Nashville 2009 was my crash course in Nashville music. The city is perfect for a music festival because it has a bunch of unique venues all in close proximity to each other. The NBN-provided shuttles were a great way to get around. No one had to worry about designating a driver, finding parking, [...]

Ep. 224 Toadies @ The Exit/In – Nashville, TN

I know the Toadies have a lot of fans, but after seeing them live this week, I think they are seriously underrated. They came out onstage, and I thought to myself, “These guys look like neighborhood dads that started a garage band.”
Then, they rocked me with catchy songs composed with unique changes that really set [...]

Ep.205 – Gwar @ The Exit/In – Nashville, TN

Chrystal has her first GWAR experience, meets Oderus, and gets fan reviews after the show.

As I type this, my hair, hands, and face are stained red from a glorious night at GWAR! The Exit/In was a sold-out, hot, sweaty, bloody mess. Seeing a GWAR show has been on my “bucket list” since high school. Now, [...]

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