Sommet Center

Ep.328 – Black Eyed Peas, LMFAO, & Ludacris @ Sommet Center – Nashville, TN

Have you ever been so excited about a concert or an event that when it was over you were slightly depressed? That’s how I felt on Saturday.
Usually, I hype things up and am totally disappointed by the delivery – but not Friday.
Photo Credit: Alan Polzner from The Tennessean
The last time I saw Black Eyed Peas, [...]

Ep.327 – John Mayer @ Sommet Center – Nashville, TN

I felt like I needed to see John Mayer. His music isn’t necessarily my style, but I’ve been going through Sommet withdrawals and was in the mood for some quasi-mellow Wednesday entertainment. Much like Dave Matthews Band, Mayer is so adored that I started to wonder if I had been missing out on some huge [...]

Chrystal’s Top 10 Concerts of 2009

I’m not sure how many shows I’ve been to this year, but my total has to be around 80. It was a fun year transitioning to the Nashville lifestyle. This is a small big city packed with talent, venues, and hella cool people.
It’s almost like a secret treasure for the music lover. All the great [...]

Ep.319 – Star Wars in Concert @ Sommet Center – Nashville, TN

I’d like to call Star Wars the ultimate viral video. However, it didn’t gain its popularity through internet sharing, so it can’t be classified as such. I guess that makes Star Wars even cooler than a viral video, because it was made a classic through old-skool marketing methods, passed on from generation to generation by [...]

Ep.308 – Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band @ Sommet Center – Nashville, TN

First off, many thanks to Phil who donated his extra ticket so YTC could see Bruce Springsteen at the Sommet Center. I consider this my first time actively seeing The Boss. I caught about an hour of his Bonnaroo set, but I couldn’t see anything, and dancing in mud lost its thrills pretty quick; so, [...]

CMA 2009 Recap

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make a fan review video for last week’s Country Music Awards, but I thought it’d be appropriate to write a little something about it as it is one of Nashville’s biggest nights.

The whole week was madness – but fun madness. The company I work for is in charge of organizing [...]

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