Sommet Center

Ep.298 – KISS @ Sommet Center – Nashville, TN – 10/28/09

I saw KISS five years ago when my lovers, Poison, opened the show. I had lawn seats, which I always adore, but seeing KISS up close and inside was a thousand times better. If KISS’s show can crush the skulls of those sitting on the very last bleacher at an outdoor amphitheater with their king-size, [...]

Ep.292 – Kings of Leon @ Sommet Center – Nashville, TN – 10/16/09

Kings of Leon sold out the Sommet Center on Friday night. Ticket holders were buzzing with excitement as they entered the venue, and there were lots of pacers out front in the cold looking for extra tickets. I can only imagine the feeling to follow a band locally for years, and then see them turn [...]

Ep.275 – Metallica @ Sommet Center – Nashville, TN – 09/14/09

I felt the coolest I that I have ever felt as our group of photographers walked through the basement halls of the Sommet making our way to the gates which released us to an arena full of Metallica fans. I needed theme music or something. We took our places beside the stage built in the center [...]

Ep.273 – Taylor Swift @ Sommet Center – Nashville, TN – 09/12/09

Years ago, I was working out of the LA office at my day job, and I got an email saying that an artist was coming by to sing a few songs. About 10 of us gathered in the 5th floor conference room, and a beautiful girl with wavy-blonde hair greeted us, introducing herself as Taylor.
She [...]

Ep.269 – Keith Urban @ Sommet Center – Nashville, TN

I just read The Tennessean’s review of the Keith Urban show in Nashville- something I try not to do before writing my own. Terrific write-up. (Read it HERE) The first sentence encompasses the cab-ride home conversation we had after the concert.
Guy is NOT a country fan. We had to drag him out to this one, [...]

Honor Society // Interview

I was lucky enough to score a quick interview with the guys from Honor Society before the Jonas Brothers concert in Nashville. Honor Society is signed to the Jonas Brothers’ label under Hollywood Records, and are currently on tour with the JoBros.
Minutes prior to this interview, I chatted with a co-worker who has worked with [...]

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