Ep.85 – Chromeo @ Music Box – Hollywood, CA – 07/30/08

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Chromeo @ The Music Box video concert review

I had just finished with a very long day at work and had another one coming. I tried to convince myself to be responsible and not go to this show. Boy, oh boy, am I glad I did not succeed. I cannot recollect when the last time I danced like that at a show. It was most likely back at the Ghostland show in March.

I have to give massive shout outs to the folks at the Henry Fonda Music Box!! You guys rock!! I cant think of a theater in LA I would rather see a show at. I had no interest whatsoever in seeing Peanut Butter Wolf, and I have to say, had I missed him I would have missed out big time. He is a very talented music video DJ and entertained me to the MAX. I wish I would have given him a shout out in the video but was so jazzed on Chromeo I completely forgot.

Although I met several people after the show that did not have a good time, it did not sway my decision that this was a great show. It might have to do with the fact the Chromeo album is one of the only albums I have bought in the last year. I was more than satisfied with just dancing to Chromeo for an hour. I do hope they weren’t rolling tape but if they were I still got to rock out with a packed house to Chromeo.

Chromeo @ The Music Box 07/30/08 Setlist

  1. Outta Sight
  2. Me & My Man
  3. Tenderoni
  4. Call Me Up
  5. Needy Girl
  6. Bonafied Lovin’
  7. You’re So Gangsta
  8. Fancy Footwork
  9. Momma’s Boy
  10. Waiting 4 U
  11. My Girl Is Calling Me (A Liar)
  12. 100%

There was a point in the show that I thought I was going to pass out, so I went to the lobby to get some air. Low and behold there was a girl passed out on the lobby couch. I wish I could have joined her!! I talked with a lot of cool people after the show and my final verdict is that I would see both Chromeo and Peanut Butter Wolf again. -lorn

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Interview w/ Chromeo

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