Chrystal’s Picks – Top 10 Concerts of 2010

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Okay party people, my top ten concerts of the year are listed below.  Be sure to comment with your favorite show of  2010, because when you tell concerts, it’s cooler!

#10: Scorpions @ Bridgestone Arena – Scorpions busted out all the tricks for their farewell tour. I’ve always felt like I should have been an ‘80s rock chick, but alas, I was too young to partake in the times when Aqua Net, leather pants, and glam rock and heavy metal were cool. Not that it stops me now from indulging in all of the above.

At this concert, I was in the element. The arena wasn’t as full as I would have liked it to be, but I felt like stepping into the venue was like stepping into a time capsule or into the first Wayne’s World movie. The floor was set up with standing room sections around the stage. I scored one of those spots and rocked like a hurricane. Plus, I met a new friend and YTC contributor – Mike Bandow!

#9: Dierks Bentley’s Miles & Music for Kids @ Riverfront Park – I didn’t cover this show for YTC, but it was one of the gems of the year for me. Such a beautiful day for the event, bikers started at the Harley-Davidson in Columbia and rode to the riverfront for a concert featuring some of my Country favorites: Laura Bell Bundy, Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert, and more.

#8: Cage the Elephant @ The Basement – A rare opportunity that we couldn’t miss: an invite to a private filming of Cage the Elephant performing their unreleased album. Surrounded by the bands’ friends and family (and the dude from Billy Currington’s “Pretty Good at Drinking Beer” video), I felt like a VIP. I should probably mention that Cage puts on a kinetic show and the new album is going to be killer ! Thank You, Happy Birthday comes out on 1/11/11.

#7: Dirt Nasty @ 12th and Porter – Why isn’t Simon Rex’s MC name Rhymin’ Sex? I guess Dirt Nasty works too. I love it when a guy is a hotter mess than me. It was a short set; but comical and I danced my tush off – a pretty ridiculous performance overall, but fun as hell. Plus, I was introduced to some amazing local artists who were also on the bill. Opener Slow Motion Centerfold actually went to New York to play Dirt’s album release show. How cool is that?

#6: Unknown Hinson @ Exit/In – Dirty, funny, and seriously rockin’ good times with Unknown Hinson. His bio labels the music as “psychobilly,” and from that, you may walk through the doors thinking “novelty” or “gimmick.” However, all that erases when you see this guy tear it up, proving that he doesn’t need the themes or costumes to impress. He does it, because he knows you’ll like it!

Unknown Hinson has been at it for almost 20 years, but he was a new discovery for me. Word-of-mouth recommendations got me out to this show, and now I pay it forward to you. You’ll thank me later.

#5: Bassnectar @ Limelight – Bassnectar Takeover 2010! I had no idea that Nashville would deliver this many people for Bassnectar. The parking lot was transformed into a mini-festival packed with fun-loving danceaholics with their glow sticks and face paint. The weather was perfect, and I finally got a taste of what everyone is talking about. An all-around great crowd complete with some tasty bass-heavy beats.

#4: Black Eyed Peas w/ LMFAO & Ludacris @ Bridgestone Arena – I had been waiting months for LMFAO to come to Nashville. I was definitely more excited to see them than BEP. It was a smart move to have LMFAO open, as they know how to work a crowd up. Naturally, they killed it – as always.

Even though I was more excited for LMFAO, I left the Bridgestone thinking “Damn, this might take the cake for the best show of 2010.” I was impressed with how far the Black Eyed Peas had come from the night when I saw them perform in a small Boston club back in 2003.

I’m a nut for glittery glam of an all-out Pop concert. It’s what I grew up on; boybands flying over the audience, fireworks, costumes, confetti – I want all of it, and Black Eyed Peas brought it.

The show was loaded, and didn’t stop (well, except for a little snafu during Will.I.Am’s DJ set), but it didn’t phase me. Everything was so sharp and over-the-top. It fit the “need more and need-it-now” mind set of today’s youth, and I think paying attention to that is what keeps BEP relevant and on the charts.

#3: Chromeo @ Cannery Ballroom – Chromeo wins the distinguished honor of being the show that I had the most fun at this year. The anticipation and excitement started a couple days before the show. I got all dolled up, scored an interview with guys, and then got to see 75% of the show from the photo pit. To top it all off, I got Nashville’s Tex Rambunctious to conduct the fan interviews!

Chromeo’s flirty electro-funk is dangerously sexy. I dare you to try and frown at a Chromeo show…it’s impossible.

#2: Muse @ Bridgestone Arena – This was one of the most visually pleasing shows that I’ve ever been to. Musically, the depth and composition behind Muse’s work is far superior to a majority of the acts out today. The builds and emotional delivery will give you goosebumps in a live setting.

Think Pink Floyd meets Queen – this tour was the complete package for an arena show. The effects and design couldn’t be matched – at least from the shows that I saw this year. I even made it a point to see them again in New Orleans for the Voodoo Experience.

#1: Paul McCartney @ Bridgestone Arena – Well, that’s all I have to say about that.

Very Honorable Mention:  Luke Doucet @ The Basement

Shows I’m pissed that I missed:
They Might Be Giants @ Exit/In
Sleigh Bells @ The End
Chromeo & Daryl Hall @ Bonnaroo
Alice Cooper/Rob Zombie @ Nashville Municipal Auditorium

Shows/Events I’m looking forward to in 2011:
Lady Gaga @ Bridgestone Arena (April 19th)
SXSW – I’ve never been! (March 16th – 20th)
NKOTBSB @ Bridgestone Arena (June 21st)
U2 @ Vanderbilt Stadium (July 2nd)
The Band Perry (not sure when or where they are playing, but I love ‘em)

Thanks to all the viewers, publicists, venue peeps, bloggers, and generous ticket-giving folks who have made 2010 another great year for YTC.  Here’s to rockin’ out in 2011!

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  1. The best concert I saw this year was The Swell Season at the Ryman. Out of 1000 concerts it edged it's way into my all-time Top 10. Garth wasn't too shabby on 12/17 either, but he was better in 1998.

  2. HippyBlood says:

    obviously, u don't know music…………..where is Prince? shall eye go on?

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