Chuck Inglish of The Cool Kids // Interview

Poppinoff Apr 30th, 2008 | By
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Lorn interviews Chuck Inglish of the cool kids in front of the vinebar in Hollywood

What a trip this interview was. It was a few days after Coachella and it was no doubt still in my blood. I was sitting at home taking it easy when I noticed a myspace post from the cool kids saying they would be kicking it at Vinebar. I didn’t have any shows going on so I decided to check it out and get myself an interview. I talked with a few of Chucks friends at the bar and they all seemed cool. Eventually Chuck rolled up and I bought him a beer. After a while he said he was ready to do the interview. It went great! I love how Chuck Inglish goes off about how I got him to say Happy Coachella. After the interview Chuck refused to talk to me so I jetted out. -lorn

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