Ep.77 – Coldplay @ The Forum – Ingelwood,CA – 07/15/08

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Coldplay @ The Forum video concert review

Coldplay @ The Forum concert review

I had a great time at this show, a Coldplay fan or not. I haven’t truly listened to Coldplay in at least 4 years or so, but I was glad I got to see this show.  For some unknown reason I didn’t have a specific seat for this show, so I got to move around a bit.  When fans entered the seating area they were greeted by a giant blue moon in the center of the arena.  This moon was the only monitor for this show and was very visually stimulating.

I was able to catch the first 6 songs or so of Coldplay’s set very close to the stage, but had to move more towards the back for the rest of the show.  This did not bother me one bit.  I found the farthest point from the stage I possibly could and got situated.  Having seen about half the show from this spot I can say there wasn’t a bad seat in the house.  The further away I was the more spectacular the show seemed to be.

As the show went on, Coldplay added more moon like monitors and watching the giant colored moon-like monitors with lasers from the back of the Forum ROCKED!!  One thing that was lame about this show was the length of the set.  Coldplay has 4 albums and could have played for more then 90 min exactly.

Coldplay @ The Forum 07/15/08 Setlist

  1. Life In Technicolor
  2. Violet Hill
  3. Clocks
  4. In My Place
  5. Viva La Vida
  6. 42
  7. Yes
  8. The Scientist
  9. Chinese Sleep Chant
  10. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face(Remix version)
  11. Square One
  12. Speed Of Sound
  13. What If
  14. Lost!
  15. Strawberry Swing
  16. Yellow (Acoustic)
  17. Death Will Never Conquer (Acoustic – Will on vocals)
  18. Fix You
  19. Lovers In Japan
  20. Death And All His Friends

After the show was over they began playing a Coldplay song.  I couldn’t figure out if the band was on stage playing or if it was just a recording.  If Coldplay just did that to mess with the crowd it rocked.  If not, what’s to say they didn’t roll tape the entire show.   However, I don’t think they did and  highly recommend this concert to all Coldplay fans and anyone who is interested in seeing a stellar show -lorn

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  1. Jenni says:

    This concert was GREAT… Coldplay came out into the audience and played a couple of songs in the nose bleed section… it was unline any other concert I have been to. The crowed LOVED them! You definitely have to check out a Coldplay concert in your life time.

    PS. This website ROCKS!!

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