Ep.479 – Atmosphere @ The Greek Theatre – Los Angeles, CA – 08/26/11

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I have been trying to catch Atmosphere for a few years, but for one reason or another it just never happened. I had listened to Atmosphere’s album, “When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold,” a good 20 to 30 times. That is a lot of times to listen to a record for me.

I can def say that I had an Atmosphere phase, but as time went by,  I slipped further and further away from listening to their music. I never lost respect for Atmosphere, but no doubt forgot how amazing they are. Well, after Atmosphere live at the Greek Theatre, they have once again caught my attention and have blown me away.

Atmosphere @ The Greek Theatre Video Concert Review

Atmosphere @ The Greek Theatre Concert Review

From the moment I arrived at the Greek Theatre until the moment that I left, there was a party going on. I was honestly a bit in shock, as I have been to tons of great shows at the Greek, but had never seen an act get a crowd as riled up as Atmosphere did.  There was  such a passionate energy, it was nearly impossible not to get down.  Even throughout the show, Slug, constantly commented on how great the crowd was and how much he enjoyed all the love.


Photo by: Randall Michelson

Atmosphere’s live set consisted of  Slug laying down some sick as rhymes, Ant dropping the funky beats that have become synonymous with the sound of Atmosphere, Erick Anderson playing the keyboard, and Nate Collis on guitar.

I have to give it to the entire band all the way around, as they were on point.  Slug’s vocals came across flawlessly, and as my Cuzn George pointed out, had the demeanor and style of Jay-Z. I couldn’t agree with him more. At one point during the show,  I closed my eyes and felt the power I had previously thought only Jay-Z could produce.

In addition to being completely blown away by Slug, the guitar playing of Nate Collis was out of this world. I have to say as of this point in my life Nate Collis has probably played the best hip-hop guitar riffs I have ever heard live. Nate’s guitar playing excellence added a lot to the show and gave the whole performance a kick-ass rock ‘n’roll vibe.

I didn’t know very many of Atmosphere’s songs, but I do know there wasn’t a single second of their 24 song set that I (and the entire crowd) wasn’t jamming out.

A fair amount of Atmosphere’s songs are about the struggles that we all seem to go through at some point in time in our lives.  I think the ability to relate and the humor of Atmosphere’s songs def touched the crowd in a positive way throughout the night.

In closing, I thought Atmosphere was incredible and can understand why everyone speaks so highly of their live show.  They had energy, style and were able to get the crowd to go out of control.  It  was just so cool to get to see an act like Atmosphere at the Greek.

Whether or not you like hip-hop/ rap,  Atmosphere is sure to impress. The entire night seemed surreal, and for those of you who weren’t there – all I can say is that you missed out.  If you were at this show or have ever seen Atmosphere, please comment on this post, because “When You Tell Concerts… It’s Cooler!”.  – lorn

Atmosphere @ The Greek Theatre 08/26/11 Set List

  1. Until the Nipples Gone
  2. Guns and Cigarettes
  3. Between the Lines
  4. Just For Show
  5. Sunshine
  6. Shoulda Known
  7. She’s Enough
  8. Puppets
  9. Modern Man’s Hustle
  10. If You Can Save Me Now
  11. God’s Bathroom Floor
  12. The Last to Say
  13. Shrapnel
  14. Scapegoat
  15. Guarantees
  16. Always Coming Back Home to You
  17. Angelface
  18. Say Hey There
  19. Lovelife
  20. My Notes
  21. Became
  22. Trying to Find a Balance
  23. Slug freestyle
  24. Yesterday
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9 Comments to “Ep.479 – Atmosphere @ The Greek Theatre – Los Angeles, CA – 08/26/11”

  1. erin says:

    I am a first time spectator viewing a group of artists collectively coming together turning rap into more then just rap. the musicians oh so talented!!!! Slug, Ant along with the rest of the group last night litterally brought an upbeat atmosphere well worth everyones money and time spent sharing and energecitically participating in such an deep imprinting momory that will linger on for all who were presant both ticket holders and staff…..GET ME TO THE GREEK FOR ATMOSPHERE! …..

  2. Lili Lopez says:

    Aww I love this review!!! I love what you do! Thanx :D

  3. Omar says:

    I happened to be present at the show and i loved it! I was quite ipset because i missed Evidencr n Blueprint n wasnt able to get buzzed or high before the show. Unsurprisingly, i still had an amazing time sober! Atmosphere was mind blowing. I as well dont know too many of their songs but that made the experience even better cuz i was able to just close my eyes n vibe to the soul n energy of their lyrics. Probably the beat Hip Hop show ive ever been to :)

  4. Lili Lopez says:

    Just thought I’d let you know I did post this link and video on atmospheres FB and twitter… He REPOSTED<3 just thought I'd let you know:D

  5. Tanya says:

    Surreal is the perfect word to describe the night!! My man and I had been waiting so long to see Atmosphere and they sure didn’t disappoint! It was my first hip hop show and I tell ya its going to be a hard one to beat!! The energy was undeniable and Slug didn’t miss a beat!! Much love to Atmosphere!!! Keep doing what you're doing because we love it!

  6. BMUSE says:

    Thanks for posting out video!

    - Wantickets

  7. Concerts and all music shows are very important and necessary. The arrangements with the respect to the songs and all display of the instruments are rendered. It is advanced and performed with goodness and efficiency. It is priceless way and mean of the enjoyment and entertainment.

  8. Its look to me a great concert because I feel that you are performing live in this concert and it is the best gift that you are giving to this beautiful crowd. I wish that the next time I will be able to join you and you are performing in my town.

  9. Rusya27 says:

    Nice record. But it was be better if I was there myself.

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