Review – Fleet Foxes @ Greek Theatre – Los Angeles, CA – 09/14/11

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Fleet Foxes @ Greek Theatre Concert Review

Fleet Foxes

Photos by: Cuzn George


The Fleet Foxes at the beautiful Greek Theater had been on my schedule for a while as I am a HUGE Fleet Foxes fan. I had seen them probably 4 times in the past three years and was ecstatic to see that they were gonna play at the Greek, one of LA’s best venues. I can’t say enough about about Greek Theater. Every show I’ve ever seen there has been an absolute pleasure.

The crisp, fall night and crickets chirping was fitting for the Fleet Foxes and made the Greek seem like one huge campfire singalong. The Fleet Foxes played a solid set of all the hits from their self-titled 2008 album and sprinkled in songs from their 2011 album “Helplessness Blues”.

The show was a non-stop singalong from fans ranging to cute hipster chicks to dudes that look like me. Sadly the night ended with a two song encore and the LA fans went home happy. If you haven’t seen the Fleet Foxes before or haven’t heard their music, I highly suggest listening to “Ragged Wood” and “Lorelai” and DEFINITIVELY go check the Fleet Foxes out live, you won’t regret it.

Fleet Foxes @ Greek Theatre Setlist 09/14/11

  1. Plains/Bitter Dancer
  2. Mykonos
  3. English House
  4. Battery Kinzie
  5. Bedouin Dress
  6. Sim Sala Bim
  7. Your Protector
  8. White Winter Hymnal
  9. Ragged Wood
  10. Montezuma
  11. He Doesn’t Know Why
  12. Lorelai
  13. The Shrine/An Argument
  14. Blue Spotted Tail
  15. Grown Ocean
  16. I Let You
  17. Sun It Rises
  18. Blue Ridge Mountains
  19. Helplessness Blues

Photos – Fleet Foxes @ Greek Theatre – Los Angeles, CA – 09/14/11

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