Ep.501 – fun. @ The Troubadour – West Hollywood, CA – 11/14/11

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Once again,  I was late to being hip and just recently discovered fun. Their new single, “We Our Young” ft. Janelle Monáe was recommended to me by my friend, Dara Doodle, and instantly caught my attention. When I found out that fun. was playing the Troubadour,  I just had to go – especially,  since the show was sold-out, and it was obvious that fun. is on the rise.


Photo by: Dara Doodle


Fun @ The Troubadour Video Concert Review

Fun @ The Troubadour Concert Review

From what I was able to pick up, this show was a one-of-a-kind fun. show in support of the band’s upcoming release, “Some Nights,” due out Feb 2012. The band was backed with a string section, which added an extra special element to the show and def set a mood. From the moment fun. hit the stage, the entire crowd was up on their feet and singing along.


Photo by: Dara Doodle


Lead singer, Nate Ruess’s voice was commanding and overwhelmingly good. One of the first things I hear out of my friend Dara’s mouth after the first song was, “Someone get this kid on Broadway.”  I couldn’t have agreed with Dara more,  Nate’s voice was a fine-tuned instrument and had the power of a theatrical singer.

The set started with the tittle track off fun’s upcoming album, “Some Nights.”  The crowd stood in silence and absolutely captivated. The vast majority of the set featured  tunes from fun.’s  last album, “Aim and Ignite.”  I was shocked at how many die-hard fun. fans there are.  They seemed to know every word of every song off the album. Highlights of the set included, “Light a Roman Candle With Me,” “All The Pretty Girls,” “The Gambler,” “One Foot,” and of course, “We Our Young”. Another thing that surprised me was the crowds reaction to Fun’s current single “We Our Young.”  The crowd was singing along to the catchy tune, but I felt like it might have been the least popular song of the set for the crowd.


Photo by: Dara Doodle


In closing, the future is looking insanely bright for fun.  Their fans are young, energetic and growing in numbers. Their stage presence was far above par and can only get better with time. I really hope that things take off for these guys and that they continue to grow in popularity.

If you were at this show, or have ever seen fun., please make sure to comment on this post and let us know what you think – because this is You Tell Concerts, and “When You Tell Concerts… It’s Cooler!” – poppinoff

Fun @ The Troubdaour – Setlist

  1. Some Nights
  2. Walking The Dog
  3. Light a Roman Candle With Me
  4. All The Pretty Girls
  5. All Alone
  6. Barlights
  7. The Gambler
  8. Carry On
  9. At Least I’m Not As Sad As I Used To Be
  10. We Are Young
  11. One Foot
  12. Take Your Time (Coming Home)


fun. ft. Janelle Monáe – “We Are Young” (Acoustic)

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  1. hayley de la torre says:

    first of all, i love fun. And this video was AWESOME <3 this was my second time seeing fun. and better than the last time because i was so close to nate :D i believe i was the youngest one at the concert, well me and my friend, we are 15 (WE ARE THE FIRST GIRLS WHO GOT INTERVIEWED), but we LOVE fun. so much. i also love nates sweat that went on me x) lol. Overall, this was a great video and blog of the concert, i totally agree with everything. And i am definitely gonna start going on this website and watch all the videos with these other awesome bands :D i love it, great job man ;D!

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