Review – Identity Festival w/ Steve Aoki and Pretty Lights @ The Palladium – Los Angeles, CA – 09/04/11

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Review – Identity Festival w/ Steve Aoki and Pretty Lights
@ The Palladium

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from the Identity Festival.  First off, the Identity Festival is the world first traveling EDM fest, and an experiment to say the least.  The Los Angeles stop on the Identity Festival was originally slated for the San Manuel Amphitheater, but for one reason or another, the event promoters decided to move the festival to the Hollywood Palladium.  At first I had no interest in attending this show simply due to the fact that it was taking place at the San Manual Amp.  and that place is wayyyyyy to far out of the city and in my personal opinion, one of the worst venues ever.  I was anxious to see how this festival was going to condense event goers from a venue the size of the San Manual to the Palladium.  Prior to the show I had a chance to talk with a few of the Dj’s about the change in venue.  They were all thrown off by the change since they’d been playing crowds of 20k+ up until this point of the tour, and the Palladium attendance ended being a good 17k-less.

Identity Festival

Photo by: Sara Gershfeld

A giant stage was set up in the parking lot of the Palladium and you could hear the music pounding from blocks away.  The whole set up of the Identity Festival in general was a bit bonkers.  I honestly couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Far beyond my expectations.  I entered Identity mid way through Steve Aoki’s set and the crowd was going wild, as per usual.  Steve Aoki def has a way about him that gets a crowd all hopppity boppity and wild. After Steve Aoki’s set, the outdoor stage was shut down and the crowd moved inside for the remainder of the show.
I knew Pretty Lights were closing out the Los Angeles stop of the Identity Festival, but had no clue as to who would be preforming before them.  There was a full band set up on the Palladium stage when the crowd began to file in.  When I found out what band was about to take stage I lost it.  It was the Disco Biscuits! I couldn’t believe that I had some how missed these guys on the line up. I had only seen the Disco Biscuits one time before, but that one time was more than enough to get me hyped for the show.  From the second the Disco Biscuits took the Identity Festival stage, there was some good time electro jamming going on.  The coolest thing about the Disco Biscuits’ live set is how they are constantly adding and changing the compositions of their songs. The music of the Disco Biscuits continuously evolves, making it incredible easy to get down.

Identity Festival

Photo by: Marshall Watson


After the Disco Biscuits’, the set up for Pretty Lights began.  The stage for Pretty Lights was very elaborate and featured a large collection of LCD screens and stage lights.  I had seen Pretty Lights a few years back and they def put on a show.  The music of Pretty Lights covers a wide spectrum of music, but focuses around the sub division of Glitch Hop.  Although I did enjoy the Pretty Lights set, my one complaint was that the show only featured Derek(DJ) and no longer incorporated the group’s drummer Adam Deitch. I heard a few years back that Adam would no longer be touring with the group, but it didn’t sink in until I was actually at the show. Derek was def dropping fat beats throughout his set, but the element added by the drummer in the previous show was def missed.

In closing, it seems as though the Identity Festival was a smashing success around the country, just not in Los Angeles. A lot of the headlining acts like Rusko, Kaskade and Sxrillex were unable to play due to contract issues because they’d already been booked by other festivals happening in the area later this year. I think this tour has a good chance of coming back around next year and I’m sure the line-up will deliver even more stellar music. -lorn

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  1. Everybody there just rocked the stage and I am speechless now because I don’t have words to explain that joy. I had a great fun that night and I think we should join these kind of entertaining environments too.

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