Ep.503 – The Cure @ Pantages Theatre – Hollywood, CA – 11/21/11

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This was my fourth time seeing The Cure live, and I couldn’t have been more excited. It has been a few years since The Cure had performed in the city of Los Angeles, and this show was no doubt going to be a special one. This show was part of The Cure’s “Reflections” tour and featured the band performing their first three albums (“Three Imaginary Boys,”"Seventeen Seconds,” and “Faith”) in their entirety, plus an encore set that would feature B Sides and some of The Cure’s greatest hits.

The Cure

The Cure @ Pantages Theatre Video Concert Review

The Cure @ Pantages Theatre Concert Review

Although I had never actually listened to “Three Imaginary Boys,” “Seventeen Seconds,” or “Faith,” I was spellbound throughout the show.  The Cure started the show by performing their debut album, “Three Imaginary Boys.” This was my favorite part of the show, as it was The Cure at their rawest. From the start of the show, Robert Smith’s voice was just as I remembered it – absolutely incredible.  The overall musicianship of the band was far above par and almost unreal. Simon Gallup was laying down heavy bass riffs throughout the show, and Jason Cooper did a fantastic job of keeping the band on pace with his stellar drumming.

I was shocked at how rocking “Three Imaginary Boys” was, especially since it was The Cure’s debut album. Once the band had finished with the album, there was a brief intermission before they returned to perform “Seventeen Seconds.”

The Cure

For this portion of the show, they added keyboardist Roger O’Donnell to the line-up to flush out the sound a bit more.  I kind of wish they would have just kept the band as a three-piece for this part (and the remainder) of the show. Although Roger def added a lot of elements to the show,  I really dug how raw The Cure was as a three piece.  Regardless, “Seventeen Seconds” was magical.

Although every song The Cure performed blew my mind,  I had to keep kicking myself in the ass for not listening to these albums before this show.  I am sure that I would have enjoyed the show tenfold if I would have been able to sing along and really get into each of their songs.

After The Cure was finished rocking out the ballad-ish “Seventeen Seconds,” they took another short intermission before returning to perform their third release, “Faith.”

The Cure

When Robert Smith and company returned to stage, Robert took to the mic and said, “So, a year later we had been around the world and you would think we would be happy, but we weren’t, and then we recorded this album, ‘Faith.’”  The Cure added another keyboardist/ percussionist to the mix making the group a five-piece for this section of the show. Once again,  I was at a loss, as I did not know the songs of “Faith.”  Still,  as with “Three Imaginary Boys” and “Seventeen Seconds,” The Cure totally rocked it.

After The Cure was finished performing “Faith,” they briefly left the stage before returning to perform three encores.  The encores featured some of the bands B Sides and some of their biggest hits. It was five songs into their first encore which was song 35 of their 45 song set, when I finally heard a song that I recognized.  The Cure’s 1980 hit, “Boys Don’t Cry.” Other songs that I actually recognized included, “Killing An Arab,” “Lets Go To Bed,” and “The Love Cats.”

Although these songs def seemed to be crowd favorites, I have to say they were the songs that I was the least impressed with.

In closing, I really wish I was more knowledgeable in regards to The Cure’s catalogue and could say more about them other than that are insanely good live.  It’s almost unexplainable. I don’t think I have ever been sucked into a band with out knowing any of their songs as much as I have been with The Cure.  I hope to have the privilege to see The Cure again, but if not, this was one hell of a show, and I am glad that I was lucky enough to attend.

If you were at this show (or have ever seen The Cure), please make sure to comment on this post and let us know what you thought…Because this is You Tell Concerts, and “When You Tell Concerts – It’s Cooler!” – poppinoff

The Cure @ Pantages Theatre Setlist 11/21/11

Three Imaginary Boys

  1. 10:15 Saturday Night
  2. Accuracy
  3. Grinding Halt
  4. Another Day
  5. Object
  6. Subway Song
  7. Foxy Lady (The Jimi Hendrix Experience cover)
  8. Meathook
  9. So What
  10. Fire In Cairo
  11. It’s Not You
  12. Three Imaginary Boys
  13. The Weedy Burton
    Seventeen Seconds
  14. A Reflection
  15. Play For Today
  16. Secrets
  17. In Your House
  18. Three
  19. The Final Sound
  20. A Forest
  21. M
  22. At Night
  23. Seventeen Seconds
  24. The Holy Hour
  25. Primary
  26. Other Voices
  27. All Cats Are Grey
  28. The Funeral Party
  29. Doubt
  30. The Drowning Man
  31. Faith
  32. World War
  33. I’m Cold
  34. Plastic Passion
  35. Boys Don’t Cry
  36. Killing An Arab
  37. Jumping Someone Else’s Train
  38. Another Journey By Train
    Encore 2:
  39. Descent
  40. Splintered In Her Head
  41. Charlotte Sometimes
  42. The Hanging Garden
    Encore 3:
  43. Let’s Go To Bed
  44. The Walk
  45. The Lovecats

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