Review – The Downtown Train @ Bordello – Los Angeles, CA – 08/12/11

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The Downtown Train “Life & Times” Vol.2 EP Release Party 

The Downtown Train @ Bordello – Concert Review

It was a Friday night, and I was off to see one of my favorite local bands The Downtown Train.  I had seen The Downtown train a few times before at a couple of house parties and was always  more than blown away. The Downtown Train had energy, talent, and knew how to work the crowd. It had been a while since I had seen The Downtown Train, and I just couldn’t pass up the chance to see them at Bordello as they celebrated the release of their new EP – “Life & Times” Vol.2.

The Downtown Train

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I had never been to Bordello before, but have to say it is a nifty little spot. The name pretty much says it all when it comes to describing the look and decor of the venue, as it looked just like a vintage brothel.

The sound in the venue was pretty good. I didn’t have any trouble hearing the bluesy vocals from the lead singer of The Downtown Train, and the levels of the instruments weren’t overbearing.

The Downtown Train

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I didn’t know any of The Downtown Train’s songs by heart, but I didn’t have a problem rocking out to their old-school bluesy sound. In addition to the guitar, bass, and drums the band also consisted of a harmonica player and a horn player that really added a lot to the performance and sound. There were multiple times throughout the set where I said “Damn!” out loud, because The Downtown Train was getting down so hard.

The Downtown Train

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The Downtown Train brought in a fun and dance-prone crowd. Everyone seemed to enjoy the music.  In addition to everyone being down to get their boogie on, the crowd was just an overall cool “in-the-know” peeps.

I am really glad that I got to see The Downtown Train again and def have to recommend seeing them – especially,  if you are a fan of  soulful, bluesy music.

If you have ever seen The Downtown Train, please comment on this post and let us know what you think, because “When You Tell Concerts, it’s cooler!” – lorn

Special thanks to for the use of their photos from the show.

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  1. Pam Autio says:

    I was at the release party. What a blast! Had to sleep in the truck…

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