Review – 107.7 The End Summer Camp 2011@ Marymoore Park, Redmond WA – 09/02/11

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This review of 107.7 The Ends Summer Camp comes from Paradie Stewart. I meet Paradie when I was a wee lad and had just started actually going to shows. I didn’t know Paradie all that well but she was pretty good friends with my little sister Ashlee from what I recall. Any ways a while back Paradie had Canadian Thanksgiving with my parents and found out about YTC. Paradie was kind enough to write me and offer up her journalistic skills. With that said hear is Paradie’s review of The Ends Summer camp. – lorn

107.7 The End Summer Camp: w/Naked and Famous,Portugal the Man,Awolnation,
Joy Formidable,Manchester Orchestra,Neon Trees
concert review

107.7 The End’s Summer Camp featured, ten bands for twenty bucks is a pretty darn good deal, one that I couldn’t pass up. Even though I arrived a few hours after the gates opened, I still felt like I definitely got my money’s worth. I just missed Naked and Famous but my concert buddy gushed that they were “awesome”. She also mentioned there had been quite a few problems with the sound-system; bands apologizing for technical difficulties and squeaky microphones. Apparently Naked and Famous had to even stop right in the middle of a song –yikes!- but my informant said they slid right back into place once the sound came back, like a skinny dipper in moonlit waters.

The Venue:  The show was sold out but it didn’t seem crowded at all- in fact I thought they could easily have let more people in, the standing area in front of the stage was quite roomy. Marymoore Park is a beautiful outdoor setting; there was lots of parking CLOSE to the stage area. Bathrooms were adequate and clean. Food and drinks=over priced, but what else is new.

The Crowd: ALL ages! Lots of folk with grey on their heads, as well as florescent locks and Mohawks, all bobbing to the beat. Young and old alike were pretty chill, enjoying the late summer sun. The day was warm but not hot; perfect.

The first group I caught was Portugal the Man. Now, I say this with the caveat that my ears had yet to warm up, but I felt like the tech crew was still having problems. The vocals were shy sounding at first, blurred under the instruments. Once they got that sorted out, it was a good show. Portugal the Man played with heart, but I wouldn’t call it anything spectacular.   At this point most people were still hanging out on the  lawn area enjoying mystical keyboard chords and the lead singer’s feminine voice from the vantage point of their beach blankets and towels.

summer camp



The stage was set up in two halves, so the time between sets was minimal. One band would finish on one side, and all the sound crew had to do was tune instruments on the other and VOILA! Awolnation was next. I had never  heard of ‘em before this event but they were entertaining enough. There was lots of crowd surfing. Awolnation was exuberant and pumped up the crowd.

Following was an act that stole the show, in my humble opinion. A white haired, fairy-like figure wearing an old-fashioned school girl dress came on stage. She held your attention and she wasn’t even singing yet. After a bit of technical difficulty (not surprising at this point) the singer and her band, Joy Formidable, began their spell. If “joy” and “formidable” were not in the band’s title, I would use those words to describe them, because their name EXACTLY captures what their music is all about. Enthusiastic, ecstatic, beautiful! and a little crazy. The lead singer was like a little welsh pixie, until she opened her mouth and said things like… {turning to the drummer} “Cut the fucking fillers and start the song already!”. The crowd was lively but I felt most were too in awe by the passionate display unfolding before their eyes to be pumped up to the level the other lead guitarist was trying to encourage.

summer camp

Joy Formidable


I was love struck. I sat numbed at a picnic table for Manchester Orchestra while my brain settled and my heart came back to a normal rhythm. My adrenaline cooled and so did the temperature. Manchester Orchestra had to cut their set short in order for the headliner to come on time, which they disagreed with and said so, shouting something the effect of “They said we can only play for 25 more minutes…well I don’t fucking think so! We’ll play three fucking hours for you guys!”. A nice gesture, but unfortunately for them, they were to guillotined just as sharply as every other band was.

Neon Trees came on pretty much right on time thanks to this snub, right after 9 o’clock. I checked ‘em out on Wiki before I came, interested in their back story. Their name has something to do with tree symbols on the neon signs in Vegas. Which one of the band member’s dad designed. Which they didn’t know at the moment they conceptualized the name Neon Trees. Fate. They very much reminded me of the Killer’s, who they opened for on the latter’s 2008 tour.

summer camp

Neon Trees


Neon Trees lead singer was FABOULOUS in “metal pants, a lady’s blouse and a doocher hair style” as he described himself. It was theatric! and bright! The lights were very pretty. Neon Trees put on a very engaging performance and everyone was riled and frothing at the mouth as they slammed down their hit single Animal to close the show. Neon Trees were good, but I still was seeing stars from Joy Formidable.

Overall: Sets were short, but I was okay with that. It was a small venue, so there wasn’t much to do if you wanted a break from the music.

Would I go again? Yes. Would I recommend it? Yes. HOWEVER, both of these statements are hinged on the day being sunny. It was a glorious day this year but I can imagine it being miserable if there was rain. – P. Stewart

1077 The End’s Summer Camp 2011  Video Recap

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