Review – Bruce Springsteen @ The Los Angeles Sports Arena – 4/27/12

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Bruce Springsteen @ The Los Angeles Sports Arena Concert Review

When it comes down to who’s boss, there is only one name that should come to mind… Bruce Springsteen! I had seen The Boss six times prior to this show and had been nothing but impressed each time. Though Bruce Springsteen is in his early sixties, he puts younger acts to shame. With the E street backing him, Bruce can truly do no wrong.

This show was Bruce Springsteen’s second of two sold out nights at the Los Angeles Sports Arena.  Not many acts play the arena these days, but for some reason or another it’s the Boss’s favorite place to play when he is in the city of angels. The place was packed and the crowd was buzzing. The show was scheduled to start at 7pm, but as often is the case in Los Angeles the show started extremely late. Bruce did however take the stage an hour before show time to perform a solo acoustic version of “For You”. The full band took the stage to screams and applause around 8:45 and rocked a three hour set.
Bruce Springsteen

The Boss opened the set with “No Surrender” and the crowd went wild, but one thing that was strange about the top of the show was that the house lights in the arena were left on. I wasn’t sure if this was Bruce’s doing or if the people at the venue just didn’t have it together. The lights finally went down during the title track from Springsteen’s latest release, “Wrecking Ball”.

Six songs into the 26 song set, one of my favorite guitarists Tom Morello took the stage to jam out “Death to My Hometown”. I was ecstatic to see that Tom Morello was once again gracing the stage alongside Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. This was the fourth time that I had gotten to see Tom rock out with the Boss and it was by far the best as he also joined the band on stage for “Jack of All Trades”, “The Ghost of Tom Joad”, “Land of Hope and Dreams”, and “10th Avenue Freeze-Out”. Tom Morello’s guitar styling are unlike any others, and getting to see it paired with the music of Bruce Springsteen is out of this world.

Bruce Springsteen

Throughout the show Bruce was running around the stage like a mad man. The Boss went into the crowd several times and even crowd surfed from the middle of the arena all the way back to the stage. It was insane! I couldn’t believe how gracefully Springsteen was able to glide across the crowd and how was fast he was able to make it back to the stage.

Highlights from this show included “Badlands”, “My City of Ruins”, “Darkness on the Edge of Town”, “Waitin’ on a Sunny Day” where Bruce pulled a four year old child out of the audience to sing the simple chorus (Waitin’ on a Sunny Day), “Born to Run”, “Dancing in the Dark” and “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out”. The best thing about “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out” was that it was the only time during the show that Bruce made any reference to the passing of his dear friend and E Street Band legend Clarence Clemons (The Big Man). I was expecting Bruce to make some sort of speech during the show, but instead he simply brought “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out” to a halt after the line “And the big man joined the band” and began a video montage recapping some of The Big Man’s and The Boss’s greatest moments. I found this to be an incredibly tactful way of paying respects to an incredible musician. In addition to this small montage, Bruce also added Clarence’s nephew Jake Clemons as a saxophonist to the E Street Band line up.
Bruce Springsteen

In closing, this concert reminded me why I love going to shows. Bruce Springsteen is an explosion of energy and a true entertainer.  Even though I had seen Bruce several times before this show he still managed to blow my mind. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a fan of The Boss you owe it to yourself to check him out while he is still playing.

If you were at this show or have ever seen Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band please comment on this review and let us know what you think, because this is You Tell Concerts and “When You Tell Concerts It’s Cooler!” – poppinoff

Bruce Springsteen @ The Los Angeles Sports Arena – 4/27/12 Setlist

  1. For You (Solo Acoustic, played an hour before showtime)
  2. No Surrender
  3. We Take Care Of Our Own
  4. Wrecking Ball
  5. Badlands
  6. Death to My Hometown (With Tom Morello)
  7. My City of Ruins
  8. Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street?
  9. Jack of All Trades (With Tom Morello)
  10. Youngstown
  11. Prove It All Night
  12. Darkness on the Edge of Town
  13. Easy Money
  14. Waitin’ on a Sunny Day
  15. Apollo Medley
  16. Racing in the Street
  17. The Rising
  18. Lonesome Day
  19. We Are Alive
  20. The Ghost of Tom Joad (With Tom Morello)
  21. Land of Hope and Dreams (With Tom Morello)
  22. Rocky Ground (with Michelle Moore)
  23. Bobby Jean
  24. Born to Run
  25. Dancing in the Dark
  26. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out (With Tom Morello)

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3 Comments to “Review – Bruce Springsteen @ The Los Angeles Sports Arena – 4/27/12”

  1. HappyDancer says:

    Friday's show was amazing. It was my 20th Springsteen concert, and ranks among THE best. Like being filled with redemption. Far better than the enjoyable Devils and Dust tour, which was my last time with The Boss. I danced for three hours. :)

  2. Debbie says:

    Oh it was so great! This was my 7th time seeing Bruce, and my second favorite show. (The first being when I saw him from the second row at the LA Coliseum on the Born in the USA tour.)
    There was just something about this show, I'm not really sure what, but it was just awesome. And he played Prove It All Night (my fave) Got to see him come out early and sing For You, what a treat!
    And I think it's great that Jake is playing the sax for the band! Makes me feel like Clarence is still somehow represented. Great show, was on my feet almost the entire time, always the sign of a great show! :)

  3. Rodney says:

    The show was awesome! And just for the record, Bruce sometimes plays the first song with the lights up to get the crowd going. So it was definitely intentional.

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