Ep.467 – Dirt Nasty, Andre Legacy, Beardo, Riff Raff and DJ Kick – Mix @ The Roxy – West Hollywood,CA – 07/09/11

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Dirt Nasty

Dirt Nasty, Andre Legacy, Beardo, Riff Raff
and DJ Kick – Mix @ Roxy video concert review

Dirt Nasty, Andre Legacy, Beardo, Riff Raff
and DJ Kick – Mix @ Roxy concert review

First off, I am so happy that I got to attend this show! I had originally planned on seeing Steely Dan at the Greek, but fortunately, I was unable to find tickets. No disrespect to Steely Dan by any means, but Dirt Nasty, Andre Legacy, Beardo, Riff Raff and DJ Kick – Mix killed The Roxy.  It ended up being one of the funnest nights I have had in a long time.

When I arrived at The Roxy, there was a line that went about a block or so and a gang of bike cops standing around,  just in case anyone got out of line (so to speak). As I waited for the light to change, so I could cross the street, 3 doods jumped into on coming traffic and began to duke it out. I watched as the bike cops stood around aimlessly without the slightest clue as to what was going on.  Finally decided I should yell “Hey Cops, yeah you guys, there are some doods fighting in traffic you might want to get on that!”  Out of the six bike cops that were on the scene, only one of them had the smarts to hop on his bike and address the situation with promptness. The other five tried their best to jog on over. Eventually, the cops managed to get the crazy mofos off the street and handle the situation. From that moment on, I knew it was going to be a great night.

I managed to miss all of the opening acts, but walked in as DJ Kick-Mix was finishing his set. I had heard a lot about DJ Kick-Mix recently and have to say he was def busting out the crowd-pleasers and getting the Roxy hyped for Dirt Nasty’s set. DJ Kick-Mix played a variety of tracks, including one of my favorite and rarely heard songs – “Colt 45 and 2 Zig Zags” by Afroman. The crowd was ready to get down, and Dirt Nasty was about to make that happen.

Dirt Nasty

Photo by: Calvin Williams

Dirt Nasty and Andre Legacy hit the stage, and The Roxy was in a state of pandemonium! Dirt Nasty and Andre Legacy worked the crowd, and everyone was getting down and having the time of their lives! I, honestly, couldn’t believe how good Dirt Nasty and Andre Legacy sounded live.

One of my favorite things about Dirt Nasty and Andre Legacy’s set was how many chicks got on stage to shake their asses. At certain points during the show, Dirt Nasty and Andre Legacy could barley move, because there was just so many girls up on ‘em.

Dirt Nasty

Photo by: Calvin Williams


Another great thing about Dirt Nasty’s set was all of the special guests that he brought onstage. In addition to Andre Legacy performing the entire set with Dirt Nasty, Beardo, Riff Raff and even Mickey Avalon hopped onstage to join in on the fun. It felt like a family affair and added a lot of variety to the show.

Andre Legacy was def the perfect choice when it came to being Dirt Nasty’s sidekick for this show; he knew how to work with Dirt flawlessly.

In closing, if you love Hip Hop you def need to put Dirt Nasty and crew on your must-see list. These guys brought the rice out and destroyed The Roxy. I am def going to make it a point to see Dirt Nasty again, but as the dood at 3.27 in the vid said, “If you don’t like things that are explicit, you’re not going to like him”.  -lorn

On a side note: It was really awesome that Pop Chips was involved in this show, because there was FREE Pop Chips for everyone that attended.

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