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Earlier this month, I caught up with DJ Art Beatz who is on the rise in the Massachusetts club scene, while also producing his unique mixes for various DJ remix websites. DJ Art Beatz is defined by his originality that fuses sounds from his homeland of Iraq with House, Techno, Rap, Reggaeton, Reggae, and R&B.  With help from his brother, he learned how to play piano by ear, and eventually, began composing dance music. Art Beatz has produced for rappers Ariez, Jae Millz, Nicki Minaj, and Reggae artist, Pritty Boy.


YTC: What inspired you to start composing dance music, and do you enjoy DJing live or composing better?
DJ Art Beatz: Artists like Tiesto, David Guetta and Bob Sinclar inspired me a lot…I enjoy deejaying live more, because it helps in learning how people react to certain sounds; which then, improves my production.

YTC: When producing, do you focus more on remixes or original compositions? How do you choose which songs you are going to remix?
DJ Art Beatz: At the moment I am working more on remixing than original production, because I work with sites like, and that sell my work. I usually choose catchy songs (to remix)…ones that people would recognize easily.

YTC: What do you hope to accomplish in your career?
DJ Art Beatz: I hope to contribute as much as I can to dance music and bring my own style into it. As far as goals, I would like to have my own label, and produce songs that would be always remembered.

YTC: What is the best concert you’ve been to as an audience member?
DJ Art Beatz: Best concert…watching composer Yanni in 2005.

YTC: What type of equipment do you use?
DJ Art Beatz: For Production, I mostly use Logic Pro, microKorg XL, and KP3 Kaoss pad. For live sets, I use Pioneer cdjs or Numark NS7 with Serato, and KP3 Kaoss Pad.

YTC: How do you differ from other DJs?
DJ Art Beatz: People that have observed me say that I stand out from other DJs, because I play different catchy rhythms that aren’t usually used….from international and different genres.

YTC: You released the Boiler Room mixtape in January, do you have anything else in the works for 2010?
DJ Art Beatz: This year I have a lot coming, my website will be launching and also lots of original work will be released.

More DJ Art Beatz at:

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DJ Art Beatz – Eye of the Tiger (Art Beatz Remix)

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