Review – DJ Chuckie & LMFAO @ Dim Mak Tuesday – Hollywood, CA – 05/18/10

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DJ Chuckie & LMFAO @ Dim Mak Tuesday review

Here are the facts… if you are looking for the best place in Hollywood to get Crunk on a Tuesday, Dim Mak Tuesdays @ Cinespace is the place to be.   You can expect to find international touring DJ’s, diverse artist (Steve Aoki, Kelis, Uffie, Lady Gaga), surprise guests (Thomas Bangaltar of Daft Punk, La Riots), open bar twice an hour throughout the night, and a crowd that is ready to party.

DJ Chuckie & LMFAO @ Dim Mak Tuesday party vid

This past Tuesday was no different. Party animals swarmed the streets out side of Cinespace waiting to get in and party their faces off.   The club was packed from the moment we walked in the door and the crowd was ready for something big to go down. I had never heard of DJ Chuckie before this night, but everyone in the house was buzzing about him.  Soon after he hopped on the decks I knew why. He was dropping some heavy beats, and soon he was joined by the Party Rock Crew LMFAO.


Photo By: Mark The Cobra Snake

It was an awesome night and I am very glad that I was in attendance.  I was turned on to the styles of DJ Chuckie and the Dirty Dutch scene.  If you have never been to DimMak Tuesday’s, I do strongly recommend them.   This is a great weekday event if you are  interested in hearing new music and seeing artists that will likely end up playing large arenas and touring the world.

For more information on Dim Mak Tuesday’s visit their Facebook Page or follow them on

Special thanks to Bryan Linares and Jacob Lee for helping us get in to cover this event.

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