Ep.265 – Sugar Ray @ Wildhorse Saloon – Nashville, TN

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On my way to the venue, I was bewildered by the fact that this would be my third Sugar Ray concert. I don’t recall ever buying one of their albums, so why do I want to see them again and again?

Well, now I remember. It’s just a really fun concert. It’s a party, with an island feel. Mark McGrath ran through the audience, taking shots, giving hugs and high fives. He pulled people up on stage, and chatted with the audience like we were all friends.

DJ Homicide mixed in popular jams between songs that kept the show moving. McGrath said it best himself when introducing DJ Homicide: “If you’re wondering, ‘Why am I having so much fun? This guy is singing off key half the time.’ You’re having fun because of this guy.” McGrath was being harsh on himself though. He sounded great, and worked the stage. He puts everything into his performance.

Sugar Ray is one of those concerts where you have those “OMG! I totally forgot about this song. Ahh, I love it” moments. We knew almost every song played.

They played a song written by Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo that is on the new album. That name drop alone made me curious enough to give Sugar Ray’s ‘Music for Cougars’ a listen. Apparently, the song is “Love is the Answer,” a Weezer song that was never released. You can definitely tell Cuomo wrote it.

Fastball and Aimee Allen opened the show. Aimee Allen had that same reggae vibe, but with strong, almost bluesy, vocals. I wish the album came out earlier this year. It’s good summer music. Fastball played a good set – another band that I didn’t realize I knew so well. A lot of people came out to the Wildhorse for this Tuesday night show. The great lineup was surely worth the $20 a ticket. Not to mention the added bonus of the Wildhorse’s complimentary country line dance class between acts.

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