Ep.329 – Editors @ The Wiltern – Los Angeles, CA – 02/11/2010

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Editors @ The Wiltern Video Concert Review

I’m not entirely sure I had ever heard the Editors before this show.  There is a good possibility that I had, but nothing that really stuck out in my mind.  I wasn’t sure what to expect I just knew a lot of people that were going and we had free tickets.

It was at times very difficult to understand exactly what lead singer Tom Smith was singing or saying.  But the overall vibe and electronic sound of the Editors made up for this.  I was very impressed with the use of synthesizer at this show and constantly found myself and friends rocking out.



The Editors were playing this show in support of their new release In This Light And On This Evening, an album I have not listened to at all,  but after talking with fans at the show it supposedly uses a lot more synths then previous Editors’ albums.

Tom Smith had this to say about the Editors new direction, “If we’d tried to make another more traditional guitar record, I don’t think we’d have got through it… for our own sanity, we had to do something we hadn’t done before.”

Editors – Papillon

The older Editors’ songs, which were based on kick ass guitar rifts, were no doubt distinguishable in a live setting.  It almost seemed like there were two different bands playing on the same stage.

Editors – French Disko

Having not listened to the Editors on an extensive basis I was unable to tell if they had updated their older songs to include synths in their live versions.

The show was great and I would recommend checking out the Editors and will most likely see them again my self -lorn

Editors @ The Wiltern 02/11/2010 Setlist

  1. In This Light And On This Evening
  2. Lights
  3. An End Has A Start
  4. You Don’t Know Love
  5. Bullets
  6. The Boxer
  7. The Big Exit
  8. Blood
  9. Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool
  10. The Racing Rats
  11. Like Treasure
  12. Bones
  13. Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors
  14. Walk The Fleet Road
  15. Munich
  16. Papillon
  17. Fingers In The Factories
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  1. This has been the most enjoying concert that has been in this post that you are talking about. I really want to see the live performance of these guys performing on the stage in this video.

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