Ep.331 – Saint Motel Zombie Prom @ The Roxy – West Hollywood, CA – 02/13/10

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I have a lot to say, but I will start out by saying if you are afraid to rock, Saint Motel isn’t the band for you!

YTC has been lucky enough to catch Saint Motel a few times and even have them play a few shows for us.  I have always been more than impressed by this band and wholeheartedly believe they have a great future ahead of them.  Their shows combine both an audio and visual experience few bands are able to provide without a ridiculous budget. (They might have a ridiculous budget, but I am going to pretend they don’t)

Saint Motel’s 2nd Annual Zombie Prom was no exception.  The Roxy Theater was packed (sold out) with zombies and zombetts all ready to party!

Photo by: Preston Thalindroma of SayCheeseandDie.Com

In addition to being lucky enough to attend the Zombie Prom, I was also chosen to host the evening.

Photo by Preston Thalindroma of SayCheeseAndDie.Com

This was not only a great honor, but an amazing experience.

The line up was sensational and featured:

Links – Doubt

Chasing Kings – Dark Sunglasses

Young The Giant – Cough Syrup

Saint Motel – Dear Dictator

Moments prior to Saint Motel taking the stage we were treated to some kick ass zombie dancing.

By the time Saint Motel took the stage the crowd was amped and ready to lose control!

Photo by Tiffany Rose

As I stated earlier in this article, Saint Motel combines both an audio and visual experience at each of their shows.  You probably thought I was just talking about all of the crazy zombie attire and the overall theme of the concert.  Well, you were wrong.

Photo by Gabriel Lee

The band had a giant screen located behind them giving the crowd an up close and personal look at the band.  Most notably the lead singer AJ Jackson had a camera attached to his microphone that gave us a unique look at the band on stage.

I feel like I could go on about the awesomeness of the 2nd Annual Saint Motel Zombie Prom forever, but unfortunately need to wrap this post up.  So in closing, thanks to Saint Motel and all the fine folk at The Roxy (Nic Adler, Dann “The Man” Saxton) for allowing me to host this event and all of your help throughout the evening.  It truly was a magical night and I hope this event happens annually for a long time to come.

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