Ep. 332 P.O.S. w/ Dessa and Grieves @ Club Congress – Tucson, AZ – 2/23/10

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Poster Outside the Venue

Well hello there.  Hayden here with our first contribution to the new YTC site.  I think it looks great so mad props to Bryan and Lorn for what they’ve done with the place.  Tonight our heroes (Hayden and Neil) find themselves all alone in the big city.  I wanted our first post to be about something I could get excited about, and nothing makes me happier than checking out an artist I can have the option of seeing at this year’s Coachella.  I had never heard of P.O.S. before his appearance on the Coachella poster, but I took a gander at his Myspace and liked a couple of songs so I thought it would be worth a trip.


The big thing I noticed about this show was that it didn’t seem like a traditional concert, meaning the openers didn’t feel like that at all, but instead there were three headliners.  Rappers Dessa and Grieves kicked the show off and there was absolutely no expectations coming from me.  Dessa was up first and immediately put a smile on my face.  The white rapper population has grown exponentially in the last decade, but what about white female rappers? Off the top of my shallow head I couldn’t think of a single one.  The only thing better than her skills as a rapper was her amazing voice, and her closing rendition of “Hallelujah” was proof of that.  I wish I could’ve gotten more video of her but to be honest I was too mesmerized.


Following Dessa was Grieves and his DJ, Budo.  Grieves is exactly what I like to hear in hip-hop and rap.  As a Chicago native, he was heavily influenced by the jazz he would hear in clubs by his father.  I guess that explains the perfectly matched trumpet Budo plays while Grieves does his thing.  Unfortunately Grieves really wanted it to be pitch black while he was on, so again it was tough to get some good footage.  He must have played for at least an hour, and Neil and I agreed that we didn’t hear one song we didn’t like.  Look him up on Myspace and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Which brings us to the main act: P.O.S. This is where Neil and I are slightly divided.  While I agree that he may not have been the strongest of the three, I think he has a great stage presence, just the right amount of charisma a performer needs, and great energy from start to finish.  However, sometimes his energy got a little out of hand.  But that’s understandable seeing as he started out as a punk rocker.  People in the crowd were going nuts and moshing all over the place.  At one point P.O.S. asked how crazy the moshing was, and I guess he liked the answer because next thing I know he’s in the middle of the mosh pit going nuts while rapping his next verse.  In Neil’s words, it was a little too Linkin Park-ish to him and I definitely agree with him but my feelings aren’t as strong.  His DJ, Plain Ole Bill, was pretty crazy too.  In a good way.

P.O.S. Moshing it up

Bottom Line: If you like good old fashioned hip-hop you have to look into Dessa and Grieves.  Their rap has feeling, soul, intensity, and a style you don’t get to hear everyday.  If you like your rap with a side of angry, smelly punk rockers then P.O.S. is what you’ve been searching for your whole life.  But don’t take it from me.  I say if you’re there and he’s not conflicting with anyone you’re dying to see, give P.O.S. a gander when I see you at Coachella. Later foo’s.

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