Ep.333 – Unknown Hinson @ Exit/In – Nashville, TN

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The video pretty much says it all. I’ve heard from inside sources that when he’s not on stage, Unknown Hinson (or Stuart Daniel Baker), is an extremely polite and respectful gentleman – and I bet there’s truth to that. Although, some of his lyrics have the darkness of a toned down Eminem – the accompaniment and delivery makes it more of a comical passive aggressive theme.

I heard decades of rock influence in his playing, and obviously some classic country. I even heard a touch of Jimmy Buffet in one of the tunes – all these styles with a semblance of Dracula. The back up band was great too – a fun group to watch, with stellar Southern style.

The show was a unique experience that everyone needs to see. If you’re in Nashville, I’m sure that just makes it 10x better.

I found this excerpt in Unknown Hinson’s bio on www.unknownhinson.com:

“What do ventriloquism, hoola hoop contests, target practice, monster sideburns, and hellacious guitar solos have in common? Book Unknown Hinson and find out!”

I can only imagine how much more insane the show would be if these elements were included in the performance I saw. I suppose they were left out, because Nashville genuinely loves Unknown Hinson for the music and not the novelty that comes with it. I respect that, and am glad I saw it without all the add-ons first. Wonderful show!


Unknown Hinson – Rock N Roll is Straight

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3 Comments to “Ep.333 – Unknown Hinson @ Exit/In – Nashville, TN”

  1. Idaho Dan says:

    Hell, I'll be the first. I think Unknown is killer! Seriously though, he's an amazing performer. Damn, I live in Idaho and I'd love to see him live on stage. So far only have all (2) of his CDs and scouring the Internet for videos. You lucky dillweeds who can just drive a few miles to see his band are SO damn luck.

    THANKS for this video!!!
    Dan in Grace, Idaho

  2. Pati says:

    I had seen a few episodes fo Squidbillies, and then this fall my brither introduced me to the music and persona of Unknown Hinson! We went to a concert in Maryville, Tn ( Im orriginally from Knoxville) and I can honestly say that even after all the concerts I have attended in my life (Alice Cooper, Ozzy. Rob Zombie etc) of 40+ years, I have never been so excited and carried away by such FANTASTIC GUITAR Genius before!! After being back in Minnesota for 2 weeks, I wanted to see him again. I couldnt afford the flight on short notice–so—I took a 46 hour BUS TRIP (never again!) back to Knoxville( I know–beyond obsession!) and I and my brother drove 1 1/2 hours to the Johnson City area to see him at a place called "Capone's". and Once again I was just overwhelmed!!! Trying now to get in touch with his management team to get him to Minnesota!! His shows are just a DO NOT MISS!!!

  3. Margo Baker says:

    Margo Baker, Manager
    Yes, we are coming to Des Moines and probably Minnesota this summer.
    Thanks for your support for Unknown Hinson! We could NOT do it without you.

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