Ep. 334 – Rebelution w/ Soja and Zion I @ Rialto Theatre – Tucson, AZ – 3/2/10

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(Video by Me, Words by Neil)

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Tonight, Hayden and I yet again embarked on a journey to the downtown district of Tucson, Arizona. This is mainly because the two most popular venues in the whole city are literally right across the street from each other. Anyway, tonight was an impromptu outing to see the pop reggae band known as Rebelution. I didn’t even have a ticket to the show and was fully prepared to sing and dance around in front of the theatre to get a ticket, a strategy proven to work by Lorn himself. Fortunately the show wasn’t sold out, although their website said otherwise, and I was lucky enough to skip the antics and go straight into the show. Accompanying Rebelution were both Soja and Zion I.

Zion I

In my opinion I could have watched Zion I all night but of course the show had to go on. Their taste for hip-hop ties into their reggae influences in a way that is uniquely their own. That and their awesome DJ who played a beat box hung from his neck like a guitar made for a solid opener and an awesome way to get the show started.

Zion I – Coastin’ (feat. K.Flay)


Up next was Soja. Surprisingly out of Virginia, Soja, (or Soldiers Of Jah Army) is another new age reggae band similar to Rebelution. I had never heard their music and wasn’t sure what to expect but I can’t deny that it was an excellent live show. Their base player, Bobby Lee aka Marley, had quite possibly the longest dreads I have ever seen on a white dude or even a black dude for that matter. They definitely lived up to their intensely reggae appearance and surpassed the limited expectations I had.

Soja – Here I Am Ft. Marley, Rory And Eric Of Rebelution


Last but not least was the headliner of tonight’s show, Rebelution. Rebelution usually makes a few trips down to Tucson each year for a couple shows here and there and I can see why they keep coming back. The crowd went nuts when they took the stage. They put on a good live show that the crowd definitely loved. Being the reggae fan that I am, along with my love for just about any live music, I couldn’t help but do the white boy head bob that was a universal movement throughout the theatre.

Rebelution – Safe and Sound

Long story short I was not disappointed in the show whatsoever. Although I favored the two openers over the main act, I wouldn’t tell someone to avoid a Rebelution show because the truth of the matter is that they kept the crowd amped and put on a great live show. If you are a fan of new age reggae pop then Soja and Rebelution are most definitely your shit. For those of you who aren’t huge on the reggae pop movement, Zion I is still absolutely worth checking out. Their hip hop influences often shine brighter than their reggae roots which makes for an awesome show that rap and reggae fans alike would enjoy.

Be sure to check out and comment on the video (courtesy of Hayden) even though it was next to impossible to get a good interview from the timid stoners that flooded the sidewalk after the show. Peace out Gangsters and be sure to tune in next time.

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