Ep.335 – Jennifer Quiroz @ The Hotel Cafe – Hollywood, CA – 2/22/10

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This was the 4th time I had the pleasure of seeing Jennifer Quiroz live.  I must say every time has been delightful.  Although I don’t normally enjoy mellow and heartfelt music, Jennifer always seems to strike a chord.

I always enjoy her interaction with the audience and the stories she has to tell.

It was really cool getting to interview Jennifer after the show.  She was so humble and is a sweetheart to say the least.

Photo by : Phuong Tran

I hope no one watches this video and thinks that it was simply put together by friends just trying to hype up Jennifer’s music. I guarantee you that we are true fans and will catch Jennifer live when ever we are able to.

Make sure to check out Jennifers new album “And So I Sing” Available on iTunes

Listen to her songs NOW on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/jenniferquirozmusic

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5 Comments to “Ep.335 – Jennifer Quiroz @ The Hotel Cafe – Hollywood, CA – 2/22/10”

  1. PTEC Dojo says:

    For me, the Hotel Cafe performance was like watching a well trained athlete go pro. Jennifer’s music and personality created a chill but positive audience experience. Lots of smiling, attentive supporters enjoying a glimpse into her spirit. Personally, I’m a fan – objectively, the music industry needs more Jennifer Quiroz’.

  2. Robert Leh says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of watching Jennifer’s music develope from her early Kulak’s Woodshed solo appearances to her Genghis Cohen and Mint shows with her band, and she just keeps getting better and better. The Hotel Cafe show was warm and intimate with just enough opportunities to dance and rock out. I’m especially happy to now have a cd so I can enjoy her great voice and touching songs anytime (and the cd is really well produced, too). I look forward to seeing her shows whenever she’s in the area, and to watching her become a major star.

  3. Art Siegel says:

    I’ve caught Jennifer’s act many times. Each time I am in awe of her blossoming talent. Her songs are heartfelt and beautiful. I can’t carry a tune, but I find myself singing along (silently to protect those around me). She is so friendly to her audience and it becomes so intimate. I bought her cd and I may have to buy another as we keep fighting to see who gets to take in to play in the car. I can hardly wait for her next performance. Go Jenny!

  4. Dennis Lowry says:

    Shame on you, Art Siegel! You stole Jenny’s cd out of my car! I was all set to listen to it on my way to work today!

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