Ep.337 – Travis x A-Trak @ The Roxy – West Hollywood, CA 03/10/10

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Photo by Cobrasnake

Wow, what a night! The Roxy was SOLD OUT, PACKED, and had a crowd that was ready to PARTY.  I caught the Travis x A-Trak ‘industry night’ show at The Roxy the night before and the crowd was nothing like this night.  These were the fans and they were in for a treat.

I must say that in recent history I have not said “damn” at a concert so many times!  The entire set was heavy hitting and full of surprises.

1. Lil Jon joining Travis and A-Trak on Outa Your Mind

Lil Jon – “OUTTA YOUR MIND (West Coast Intro)”

2. Kid Sister hitting the stage with Pro Nails

Kid Sister (featuring Kanye West) – “Pro-Nails”

3. Kid Cudi busting out Pursuit of Happiness

Kid Cudi – Pursuit of Happiness (feat. MGMT And Ratatat)

The set consisted of most of the same songs as the industry show but featured an entirely different mix.  Every song was heavy hitting thanks to Travis’ stellar drumming skills and possessed a fine quality of danceability thanks to A-Trak.  I know a lot of people want to compare this collaboration to TRVS/DJAM, but that’s kinda hard to do.  That was something special and unique just as this will become special and unique in its own right.     I hope this collaboration continues for a long time to come and I suggest if you want to be rocked, check these dudes out live.  -lorn

Special thanks to Nic Adler of  The Roxy and @ Julio of KROQ you guys made this episode possible.

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2 Comments to “Ep.337 – Travis x A-Trak @ The Roxy – West Hollywood, CA 03/10/10”

  1. albert says:

    i was checking out ur page and i cant find my interview we had after this show with dj a-trak and travis . is there another place that i can see them?

    • Lorn says:

      Hey Albert, I am sorry but I was belligerent in the part of the video you were in so I had to cut it. Send me an email and and I will send you the footage. -lorn

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