Ep.340 – Muse @ Bridgestone Arena – Nashville, TN

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Muse came highly recommended. I kind of went in as a blank slate. The radio hits are familiar, and I’ve seen televised performances, but I wasn’t expecting the full force show that the live concert was – not only musically, but visually. I will say this, I have yet to be disappointed by a show from an English band. Standards people, standards.

Silversun Pickups from Los Angeles opened the show with their dark and haunting sound that incorporates dirty, gritty industrial noise and Brian Aubert’s unique vocals. It’s so refreshing to hear a new voice.

In a time of “overly-influenced” bands, being distinguishable is such an important component, and SSPU certainly is. I look forward to seeing Silversun in their own headliner setting, and I’m sure I’ll have the chance. SSPU expressed a lot of love for Nashville. They must have had a great night before, because Aubert mentioned he had a bit of a hangover. You know how we do in Nashvegas!

Video by YouTube User: alexmandudesterness

Straight out the gate, props to Muse for creating a complex progressive sound clearly influenced by some of the best bands of all time (many of which are British); not copying those influences, but making it their own, and making it modern.

This show was like mixing NIN, Queen, Pink Floyd, and Coldplay (who has mentioned Muse as one of their influences). The tripped out light display with towering video pedestals was epic. The show started with the gigantic columns draped in projection curtains that showed ghostly figures walking up the structures whispering “Muse” over and over again. It just got better and better. From the colorful lasers and eyeball balloons bouncing around the crowd to pianos, keytars, rotating drum platforms, and of course, the dynamite sound and talent Muse brings.

Many thanks to Sarah for the fan photos!

Both Muse and Silversun Pickups have developed a way to appeal to a range of musical tastes, and I believe that’s a natural result of sincere talent. If you can draw an emo/shoegaze crowd, and still impress those Classic Rock fans that hate modern mainstream rock – you’ve crossed a line of immortality that will keep you in a respected slot in radio rotation forever.

Muse – Guiding Light

Silversun Pickups - Draining



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  1. Zach says:

    Obviously this kid has never heard Smashing Pumpkins. Silversun Pickups are a blatant ripoff…even down to the “unique vocals.” They were terrible at this show. Muse made them look like little school kids

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