Ep.348 – Motion City Soundtrack @ Rocketown – Nashville, TN

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This was the smoothest running show I’ve seen at Rocketown. The load ins and outs were way quicker than usual, and that was a huge relief. That being said, the doors  opened ridiculously early at 5:30, so due to day job obligations,  I missed Sing It Loud and most of A Rocket to the Moon.

A Rocket to the Moon: Click Image for their Myspace Page

A Rocket to the Moon had a big Rocketown following, which was nice to see.  I have a soft spot for bands with a Massachusetts association. Singer Nick Santino is from Braintree, so I was biased going in. I thought their song ‘Dakota’ was precious, but I didn’t see enough of the set to get the full picture of the band.  They did have more friends hanging out on side stage than I’ve seen before – probably to display their buddies, and help them score some chicks. I ain’t mad at ya.

fun. : Click Image for their Website

The next band, fun., was a pleasant surprise. They were different from the rest of the lineup, but it wasn’t an overwhelming contrast.  They remind me of one of my newfound loves, Jukebox the Ghost, except they’re less baroque in song structure and more festive on stage. There’s a strong current of musical theatre in their sound and style…kind of like a modern ‘Godspell.’
Lead singer, Nate Ruess, has Wahlberg meets Harry Connick Jr. looks and Mick Jagger mannerisms, which makes him my dream frontman. The room was pretty stale before fun. came on, and Ruess wasn’t letting that drag him down.  He put his all into the performance, but not in an awkward way; and he didn’t do all the work himself. The other members were into it, interacting with each other, and having a fun jam together rather than force performing for entertainment value. It was authentic, and eventually became contagious resulting in a sprightly audience.

Twitter: @ournameisfun

I love seeing a new band that is somewhat under the radar win a crowd over.  It was interesting to find out that one of the members (Jack Antonoff) is in Steel Train too.  I saw Steel Train several nights before opening for Tegan and Sara, and I would never relate the two off the top of my head. That diversity and commitment to two projects is impressive. I enjoyed both of Antonoff’s bands, but fun. was more successful in way of audience response.
I hope the girl becomes permanent member in the band, because she was such a good sideman (or sidewoman, I should say) with her bouncy personality and backing vocals. The band can grow and go new places with that female presence.

Twitter: @MotionCityMusic

Motion City Soundtrack had a lot to live up to, but it was clear that they were who everyone wanted to see.  I must have got off the pop/punk bus a tad too early years ago, because I don’t recall hearing about them until the most recent album came out. However, I connected with MCS. Watching these kids, sing every lyric and bounce up and down to songs that they’ve grown up with reminds me of myself at a Blink 182 concert.  People associate these bands with experiences growing up. It’s young, it can be funny, and when you’re with your best friends, it makes for the ideal concert experience. For $18 – that’s a steal.

Motion City Soundtrack: Click Image to Visit their Site

You know what else is a steal? Free Motion City Soundtrack swag. Woot, Woot! I’m giving those calendars away next week – so if you want one. Fill this out for a chance to win.

Idea of the Day: For bands that play Rocketown: Supposedly, bands are asked to watch their language on stage; a request every band ignores.  I understand if it’s a legit slip up, but if you do it on purpose – that seems disrespectful, right? It would be more creative if you made up your own cuss words to substitute, or censor yourself with funny keyboard/guitar effects. Just throwing it out there.  Do with it what you will. :)
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    I love all the pictures! Nashville is a great city to perform in since they are like the music capital of the world.

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