Ep.355 – Too Short @ The Key Club – West Hollywood,CA 04/30/10

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From the first time I heard Too Short’s “Blow Job Betty,”  I became a firm supporter of his pimpness; but, for some reason, it took me a good 5 years to see him live.

Too Short @ The Key Club Video Concert Review

One of the largest factors in passing on his shows was that I knew he was only going to do 5-6 songs. My suspicions were correct. Too Short didn’t hit the stage until a little after 12, and only dropped about 6 tracks (to the best of my recollection.)

I do, however, have to hand it to Too Short in regards to being da bomb. It was awe-inspiring to hear him rap. He hit every word and verse with almost perfect clarity - never missing the beat. He also had a kick-ass party going on up on stage that def added to the atmosphere (chicks getting naked always seems to do that).

Big Boi Ft  Too Short – For Your Sorrows

Final parting words: I was bummed that Too Short talked about doing “Blow Job Betty,” but never actually performed it. I wish the show would have featured more of his old school classics and lasted a little longer.

Too Short – Freaky Tales (Extended Remix)
Too Short – Freaky Tales pt 2

I will probably go see Too Short again, as long as it doesn’t conflict with any other shows I want to see. -lorn

Special thanks to Brad Hoss at The Key Club for letting us cover Too Short.

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