Ep.359 – Kate Nash @ El Rey – Los Angeles,CA – 05/11/10

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WOW! First off, Kate Nash killed it.  Second, lamest crowd ever!

I hate to be so rough on the crowd, but Kate Nash is way to punk rock for them to be so lame. At one point early in the show Kate Nash had to call them out on being lame until a mere 25 people had the class to rock out (10 of them even jumped on stage. ) I was one of the people who was willing to have a rocking good time and got nothing but dirty look.  People actually yelled at me to stop dancing. I could understand if I was falling all over the place and bumping into them but that was not the case.

Photo by: Kimberly Dawson

I understand Kate has several pop friendly songs, but a good portion of her catalog is jump up and down rock and roll.

Kate Nash – Pumpkin Soup

Kate Nash – I Just Love You More

I really dig her style and versatility. She is a fantastic performer with a lot of energy who was trying her damnedest to get the crowd moving, but they just wouldn’t budge.

Photo by Timothy Norris for LA Weekly

I will always take an opportunity to see Kate Nash, I but suggest the next time she plays LA she consider putting together some sort of Enya cover set.
Enya-Orinoco Flow


Special thanks to Timothy Norris for helping us get in the show.

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2 Comments to “Ep.359 – Kate Nash @ El Rey – Los Angeles,CA – 05/11/10”

  1. stephanie honeybee says:

    HEYYYYY!!! soooo i was totally at this show…and yes i would like to add i was thee first person to jump up on stage…and eat shit in front of kate ahahaha but i fcking loveeed every sec of it!!! and i agree the crowd totally sucked some gurll told me to shut up and i was like suck it ur at a concert go home and sleep! but waooooow i gotta dance with my idol kate and my life is complete!!!!……catch me onda fb…u boiis r sexxxy hahaha stephaniehoneybee@yahoo.com

  2. Meg says:

    Shit I completely agree I was trying to rock out a bit and then everyone around me was staring at me and the girl next to me ever plugged her ears at one point and then left, come on everyone it is a concert have some fun loosen up, and apparently no one there knew how to get an encore cause everyone but like me and ten other people were just standing there, if it hadn't been the last night we wouldn't have gotten an encore… But Kate f'ing blew my mind she was so amazing, and she was super kind when I got to meet her. Next time she comes there better be a better crowd or I'm going to be one of those people that jump on stage and challenge everyone to have a good time

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