Ep.364 – Infant Sorrow Ft. Russell Brand @ The Roxy – West Hollywood, CA – 05/24/10

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For those of you that don’t know who Infant Sorrow is, it’s a fictional band from the movies “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “Get Him To The Greek” that is fronted by Aldous Snow (Russell Brand). The purpose of this particular show was to promote the upcoming release of  “Get Him To The Greek” by having Infant Sorrow perform songs featured in the film.

The show started off with Russell Brand introducing Carl Barât of The Libertines and his backing band as Infant Sorrow.   The band was in no way bad, but didn’t seem to rally the crowd.  After getting a look at the set list/rundown of the show, it actually wasn’t Infant Sorrow that Russell Brand introduced, but a solo performance from Carl Barât.

Set list via Timothy Norris

I think everyone (myself included) expected Russell to be the lead singer of Infant Sorrow.  Instead, he just stood on the side of the stage singing along to every song.  I thought this was a bit strange, and really wish he would have gotten on stage and put on a bit more of a show during the performance.

The band on stage went threw several lineup changes throughout the show and I was never entirely sure who I was actually seeing. I do know that the lead guitarist, Lyle Workman, was the composer of all the songs that were performed; so,  it was kind of cool to get to see him jam out these songs.

Jonah Hill and Judd Apatow also made brief appearances dropping a few one-liners and going with the flow.  When Judd Apatow got on stage, I could have sworn he was the guy who gave me a ticket to the show.  I got to speak to him briefly after the show, and it turned out it was a totally different guy that gave me the ticket :(   LOL, but mega props to the random dude that did hook it up!

photo by Timothy Norris

Everyone in the house seemed to truly enjoy Jonah Hill asking Russell Brand to touch penises with him. I would have to say the most impressive performance of the night was from a YouTube contest winner singing Bangers Beans and Mash.  Towards the end of the show, Russell came out and sang a few songs off a sheet of paper, including the hit Infant Sorrow song “Inside Of You,” which was the sing-a-long of the night.

Photo Credit: Erik Voake

Final thoughts:

I honestly wanted to leave during this show. I don’t feel as if the band actually put much rehearsal or time in to this performance. I mean, why would they?  They are never going to do it again. It was cool seeing Russell Brand and company. I just wish he would have stepped it up and taken the lead on this project. I would have even been satisfied if he was just on stage lip syncing the entire show. -lorn

On a side note: I am glad the vast majority of the crowd enjoyed the show and am sorry that I have to be a critic but that’s my job.

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