Ep.367 – Miike Snow @ Henry Fonda Music Box – Hollywood, CA – 06/02/2010

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Last year when Lorn and I covered Miike Snow @ Spaceland we had no idea who they were or what they even sounded like.  They were just starting to get some attention, so we figured it’d be worth the trip out to Silverlake to catch the show.  It was probably one of the best shows we saw last year and we see a lot!

When we found out that Miike Snow was playing 3 sold out shows in Los Angeles this week,  we weren’t surprised and we had to go!  In usual YTC fashion we had no tickets walking up to the Henry Fonda Music Box, but after about 45 minutes of street hustling we got our entourage in the door.  (Mega Props to @ThadinHollywood and @D00di for hookin it up!)

~ See Miike Snow LIVE in Concert!!  ~

Photo by HipsterDiet

Once inside we noticed some of the remodeling at the Fonda.  There’s a new bar, new toilets, new paint job and some changes to the floor plan that seem to allow more people down in front.  The one thing Lorn and I both really liked was the fact that they opened up the walls between the lobby and the stage.  It really benefits the experience.

Miike Snow was nothing but amazing.  Their music is so well produced and the performance is top notch.  Many people commented on the light design and I remember finding myself entranced by the simple but effective light show while trying to grind on a special lady.  Bottom line, this band stands out among other electro-indie acts in terms of shear talent and quality of production.

~ See Miike Snow LIVE in Concert!!  ~

People leaving this show were shitty and they were happy.  Hell, I was one of them… this show fucking rocked!

Miike Snow – The Rabbit

Miike Snow – Animal

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