Ep.369 – LCD Soundsystem @ The Palladium – Hollywood,CA 06/04/10

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I think everyone at this concert would agree that seeing LCD Soundsystem at Coachella was one thing and the show at the Palladium was another! EPIC


I have been to several “Sold Out” shows at the Palladium but not a single one of them had as many people jammed in to the Palladium as LCD Soundsystem.   From the moment you walked in the door it was hard to move around because there was just so many people! All trying to buy drinks of course. The buzz in the room was electrifying and you could just tell it was going to be a good show.

Photo by: Dustin Dean

They opened with Us V Them. The song was accompanied by a killer disco ball that lit up the room just the right amount and set the tone for the entire night. After the band was done with Us V Them they took a good 5 min or so to work out some technical difficulties.

Photo by: Dustin Dean

Once they had everything plugged in correctly they proceeded to rock out another 15 songs including “Daft Punk Is Playing At My House”, “Yeah”, “Losing My Edge”, and a short cover of Jay-Z “Empire State Of Mind” to close out the night. A lot of people seemed pretty bummed that they didn’t play “North American Scum,” but in the end I don’t think it effected them enjoying they show.

LCD Soundsystem – Losing My Edge

Final thoughts: I would check out LCD Soundsystem again and I think if you enjoy dance partying you would have a blast at their show! -lorn


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