Ep.374 – KCRW World Fest feat. Yeasayer, Baaba Maal, Tinariwen and Fools Gold @ The Hollywood Bowl – 06/20/10

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Its summer time, and one of my favorite summer traditions happens to be the KCRW world fest concert series that takes place at the Hollywood Bowl. Every year KCRW curates an amazing summer concert series featuring both big name buzz bands and artist that can only be referred to as world stars. The shows are always very eclectic and open thousands of people’s minds to new music. Just last week we had the  opportunity to check out tons of artist we had never heard of before. (Yeasayer, Baaba Maal, Tinariwen and Fools Gold)


Unfortunately we missed Tinariwen and Fools Gold but heard amazing things about the both of them.

Fools Gold – Nadine (Acid Girls The Vibes are Free Bromix)

Tinariwen – Imidinin

As you can tell from listening to these artist they sound nothing alike. This is no doubt one of the most amazing things about attending a KCRW show at the Bowl.  You are exposed to a variety of music you may have never listened to before.

We walked in right as Yeasayer took the stage and headed to the top of the Bowl.  The venue was no were close to capacity, but in all honesty I kind of like it that way.  This was my first time listening to Yeasayer and I have to say they are a very experimental vibe-y band.  I enjoyed their sound and thought it was very cool to see them on the Hollywood Bowl stage.   I would have to say that I would consider seeing them again.

Yeasayer – Mondegreen

Next a group know as Playing For Change took the stage.  The band was composed of several musicians all uniting for a cause.  Their set consisted of several covers including an amazing version of Stand By Me.  You can find more out about Playing For Change at http://www.playingforchange.com

Closing out the night of music was Baaba Maal. He had a “good time” reggae/Afro-Funk set that got my hands in the air.

Baaba Maal – Television

The neat thing about seeing Baaba Maal was that I had no clue I was going to be attending a reggae show as Yeasayer was my main focus on the night.

After the concert we got to talk to several people about the show.  The overall consensus from the people we spoke with was they had never heard of the artist and simply came to enjoy the Hollywood Bowl with their friends.  I am not sure what is more beautiful than that.

In closing: If you consider yourself to be a lover of good music and good times you should probably try and catch one of the remaining shows at the Hollywood Bowl this season.


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