Ep.375 – Rubik, David Bazan, & mewithoutYou @ Exit/In – Nashville, TN

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From what I could tell, most of the people at Exit/In on June 23rd, were fans of mewithoutYou, but I went for Rubik. Something intrigued me about this Finnish band…probably the fact that they are from Finland. But, seriously, before I even knew that, I was interested.

They have been compared to Arcade Fire, Flaming Lips, and Animal Collective by various sources. Being an occasional listener of those bands, the sound is still fresh for me.


I guess I liked how joyful the tunes were – the absence of anger. With Artturi Taira’s mollifying vocals, and the light and jumpy orchestration. They are songs with a pulse, that you can clap to – and we all love those. Soundtrack worthy, montage music – close your eyes and make a movie in your mind. The type of music college kids love.

After an interview with them, as my friend Tammy would say, “I wanted to sop them up with a biscuit.” How can you not go gaga over their accents and foreign flavor? You just want to sit there and grill them for hours on their country, like you would an exchange student.

Random Band Photo found on www.rubikband.net

What impressed me most was how well they are able to describe their music. They don’t name other bands. They said exactly what they are, and what they are trying to do, which I’ve heard is a very hard task. It’s like asking someone what their life purpose is. You either respond with a stock answer, or you know precisely what you want to do at that time.

As for their show, when there’s eight people (I think it was eight) on stage and so many instruments being used…it’s hard to get bored. Even so, Taira never gave himself a break, and lived up to everything he said in the interview about loving the excitement of playing for new faces and trying to win them over.

When I got home, I looked through their website, and couldn’t stop smiling at the blog posts and comments. The language is darling, humorous, and straight to the point. What I would give to see them perform in Finland.

David Bazan

David Bazan was completely different. Just him and his guitar, pouring out his soul. It was gloomy, and pretty depressing, but beautiful at the same time. The guy has some serious balls to do what he does. His Q & A sessions with the audience in between songs was a brilliant way to connect and fulfill the banter quota. It helped establish the other side of Bazan – he’s not a sad person – just his songs are. :)


I only saw a handful from mewithoutYou, but I need to do some homework on them. After hearing the comments from the reviewers in our video, and digging the alt beat poetry thing that they have going, I feel like I’m missing out on something that might change my life. I mean, I liked what I saw – but I know there’s something deeper to it.

Websites to Visit:
Rubik: www.rubikband.net (Don’t forget to download that free EP) Good Summer jams!
David Bazan: http://www.davidbazan.com/
mewithoutYou: http://www.mewithoutyou.com/

Rubik – Wasteland

David Bazan – Bless This Mess

mewithoutYou – Tie Me Up! Untie Me!

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