Ep.381 – Steve Miller Band @ The Greek Theater – Los Angeles,CA 07/11/10

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Steve Miller Band @ The Greek Theater
Video Concert Review

It’s been about 6 years since the last time I saw Steve Miller Band and it is mainly due to the fact that no one ever wanted to see them with me. I am a fan of Steve Miller’s music and his show is hit after hit, but the years haven’t exactly been good to him. He is no longer able to shred the guitar like he use to and his voice is half as strong as the last time I saw him.

Other than the technical complaints it was a fun show. The crowd was ready to have fun and down to dance around.

The crowd’s favorite part of the show seemed to be when Steve brought out this High School freshman Dillon Brown to play guitar on “Fly Like An Eagle” in support of the Kids Rock Free Program

Steve Miller

If you are a Steve Miller Band fan I suggest that you catch their show sooner than later. -lorn

Steve Miller Band – Take The Money And Run

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2 Comments to “Ep.381 – Steve Miller Band @ The Greek Theater – Los Angeles,CA 07/11/10”

  1. TownBusiness says:

    I think the last time I saw Steve Miller was with you Lorn and that was for the 2nd time. He always puts on an amazing performance. One of the cleanest live acts. His live performance of tracks sound like they are right off the album and he always plays those crowd pleasure songs that the audience came there to here. I am glad you got the opportunity to see this classic artist. Lets hope he "Keeps on rockin me baby" for years to come.

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