Ep.385 – MGMT @ The Greek Theatre – Los Angeles,CA – 07/16/10

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For weeks prior to this concert all I heard was people, especially concert bloggers, talking mad shit about MGMT’s live performance.   The YTC crew had a great time during their performance at Coachella earlier this year,  so I wasn’t going to let negative opinions sway me from checking out this sold out show at the Greek.


Almost immediately after arriving at the venue we ran into a fantastic fellow by the name of Chad who was kind enough to hook us up with 2 comp tix to the show. Unfortunately we had a large crew and still had to track down a few more tix and I ended up missing the first song or two of the set.  Bryan waited outside looking for a few more tix and another cool dude named David gave him a couple comps.  Thanks for all of the support!

Photo by Melodye

From the get go I was enjoying my self and thought the band sounded great. They played a large amount of songs from their debut album “Oracular Spectacular” with some of their newer tunes off “Congratulations”

The older songs were no doubt the crowd favorites and the tightest songs of the set.  I think the more they play their newer tunes the more excepted they will become at their concerts, but they created some lulls at this show.

Photo by Melodye

As one of the people we spoke with at this concert said, “Worst crowd ever!” They didn’t know how to dance or get into the grove of the music. I am not sure they knew what to do with themselves. Nonetheless, I feel like the band did put in a large amount of effort to please the Los Angeles crowd even if they were unable to overcome the dance-less obstacle.

MGMT – Electric Feel

MGMT – Congratulations

I was happy with the performance and remain a fan of MGMT and plan to see them again.  However, they are a band I will recommend listening to extensively before seeing them live. -lorn

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