Ep.392 – Hard Summer 2010 – Los Angeles State Historic Park- Los Angeles, CA 08/07/10

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In the wake of the media over hype of the EDC tragedy and the massive failure of  HARD summer 2009, HARD summer 2010 faced some serious challenges. There was a large amount of pressure coming from the city to ensure the safety of patrons and a drug free environment. A large amount of skepticism as to how this years event would turn out after last years event being shut down by riot police. Not only did this event need to rebuild the HARD brand it need to go off with out the slightest problem.

From the moment you entered the vicinity of the festival their was a large aggressive police force present. The police were hassling everyone, especially anyone who might look like a raver.

Photo by George LeMontague

The  cops were definitely needed at this event to handle drugged out attendees and gate crashers.  For the record YouTell Concerts.com strongly discourages gate crashing.  First off its stupid and not worth spending a night in jail.  I mean you are poor already and cant afford the $60 ticket.  Do you really need to add to it by serving time and paying outrageous trespassing fines?  We think not!

As for the festival itself, I’d have to say an all around good time.

Photo by George LeMontague

The over all vibe and crowd was really cool.  A large portion of the crowds at these massives are often mega dicks who push their way around.  It might have been the set up of the event that alleviated this, but I felt as a whole there was a good vibes floating around.


As far as the music goes. HARD always brings some of the best electronic music out there.  Headlining this event was Soulwax, a four piece electro powerhouse from Belgium.  They were incredible, as expected, but we were really disappointed at the 40 minute set.  The power was cut at midnight when the event was scheduled to end.  Soulwax was scheduled to perform from 11-Midnight, but the didn’t start til at least 11:20 due to delays.


Photo by Caesar Sebastian

The Major Lazer set at HARD Summer was also a lot better than some of the other sets we have seen them perform recently.

Major Lazer

Photo by Timothy Norris for LA Weekly

We picked up the flyer for the next HARD event while we were at the Los Angeles State Park and I’m sure you’ll see a lot of these if you go out at all in the next few months. Line up is DJ smorgasbord!

HARD Haunted Mansion

Soulwax – Miserable Girl

Major Lazer & La Roux  -  In 4 The Kill Pon De Skream

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