Ep.393 – We Are Scientists @ The Troubadour – West Hollywood, CA – 08/06/10

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I first arrived at the Troubadour around 6:30pm. It was an hour and a half til doors and there was already a line around the block! I had only heard one or two songs from We Are Scientists prior to this show and I didn’t have much of an idea of what to expect.

We Are Scientists @ The Troubadour
Video Concert Review

I missed both the opening acts, including Rewards who everyone raved about after the show.  However, We Are Scientist put a lot of energy into their performance and did their damnedest to rock.

we are scientists
Photo by: Ivette Orenos


























Unfortunately only half the crowd was down to rock out with them and the other half was more then content with standing still and moving the least amount possible. There were also several audio issues during the show due to an incompetent audio engineer who looked like had no idea what he was doing.


we are scientists
Photo by: Ivette Orenos


Regardless, We Are Scientist put on a great show! A fantastic mixture of fast-paced-pop-punk-indie rock and comical banter.  The comedic chemistry between  Keith Murray and Chris Cain was very enjoyable.  Throughout the set I realized I knew more We Are Scientists songs than I expected. I was having an out right good time!

We Are Scientists @ The Troubadour 08/06/10 Setlist

  1. Nice Guys
  2. This Scene Is Dead
  3. Inaction
  4. I Don’t Bite
  5. Impatience
  6. Let’s See It
  7. Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt
  8. Rules Don’t Stop
  9. Chick Lit
  10. Pittsburgh
  11. Ambition
  12. It’s A Hit
  13. Break It Up
  14. The Great Escape
  15. Jack & Ginger
  16. After Hours
  17. Dinosaurs
  18. Cash Cow

Over all and in general my experience at We Are Scientist was good. I would definitely consider seeing them again and I think they have an amazing group of fans. -lorn

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