Ep.408 – Atari Teenage Riot & All Leather @ Key Club – West Hollywood, CA – 09/30/2010

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Atari Teenage Riot

Photos by Clean Cut American Kid

Before I saw Atari Teenage Riot at the Key Club, the only other time I had heard the name was when Dim Mak Records announced they would be signing them.  I looked these guys up a few days before the show and all I heard was loud rock and roll.  Apparently they were a pretty popular German hardcore band back in the 1990s, but I guess I wasn’t cool enough back then to know about them.

Atari Teenage Riot @ The Key Club Video Concert Review

As Lorn pointed out in the video, I think it’s obvious these guys and this kind of music is going to get a lot more popular in coming months.  They appeal to that deep down desire to go wild and fucking crazy + they combine the aspects of electronic music, yelling and screaming, and a cool indie label backing them up.  I think if you saw these guys when you were 15 or 16 years old you might blow your load your or something.

ATR @ Key Club

The thing I really dig about ATR is the incorporation of electronic, bassy beats.  The opening band All Leather also had an electro influence, but they seemed a little bit more hardcore with two live drummers going bonkers on stage.  We had a chance to talk to JP, the band’s lead singer, and his exact remark was… “Prepare to be annoyed.”  I can’t argue with that, but sometimes things in life are so annoying you just have to fight it with some really fucking loud annoying music!

Atari Teenage Riot – Activate

All Leather – Do I Look Divorced

Mega Props: Brad Hoss, Bryan Linares for helping us cover Atari Teenage Riot.

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One Comment to “Ep.408 – Atari Teenage Riot & All Leather @ Key Club – West Hollywood, CA – 09/30/2010”

  1. hitop says:

    Drum and bass beats? Don't you mean hardcore?

    Alec Empire decided to call what they do "digital hardcore"- a combination of hardcore techno and hardcore punk. Drum and bass, while it comes from the same place (early rave & jungle) , doesn't really have anything to do with hardcore techno anymore although it is at a similar BPM.

    I was at the Key Club for this show because one of my friends is a huge ATR fan from back in the day. I thought that all the different groups put on great shows but that the crowd was a pretty lame (not very friendly, or having much fun) and the sound was… not very good. I know loud is appropriate for something like this but not at expense of a good mix. There was some good moshing action.

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