Ep.409 – The Arcade Fire @ The Shrine – Los Angeles,CA – 10/07/10

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I had seen The Arcade Fire a few times prior to this show, but it had been 3 years since the last time and I was very eager to see them again.

This show was one of two sold-out nights at the Shrine Auditorium, a venue that does not host nearly enough concerts. The venue is prestigious and full of heritage - the perfect place for The Arcade Fire to perform.

Photo by: Snug

The band was on top of their game and obviously had not lost their touch over the touring hiatus. They engaged the crowd and had them standing, clapping, and singing along with the entire show. This impressed me, because  85% of the time an LA crowd is happy to just stand around and be lame.

I didn’t know a fair amount of the music that was performed as the band was showcasing songs off the new album, ” The Suburbs,” but nontheless, I found myself consistently rocking out . I think this was due to the bands sincere energy.

Arcade Fire Setlist Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA, USA 2010, The Suburbs

My personal highlights include: the visual display and lighting effects that were stellar by nature, The Arcade Fires raw energy and ability to rock out, and the crowd continuing to sing the ending of “Rebellion” after the band left the stage and until they returned for the encore.

In closing, I love The Arcade Fire!! I know Bryan wasn’t totally blown away by them and I am not sure this show will be in  my top 10 concerts for 2010, but  The Arcade Fire still remains as one of my favorite live acts. -lorn

The Arcade Fire – We Used To Wait (Live)

The Arcade Fire – Keep The Car Running (Live)

The Arcade Fire – The Suburbs (Live)

Make sure to check out Bradley s Almanac to download an entire live set from a show The Arcade Fire did in Boston on 08/01/10

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