Ep.414 – Jack Johnson @ Hollywood Bowl – Hollywood, CA – 10/08/10

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Ive been trying to catch Jack Johnson for years, but for some reason none of my friends would go with me. Probably because most of them are indie rocker techno heads that can’t, “Chill out and listen to some groovy lounge tunes.”  Well, I finally lucked out and convinced the YTC crew to check him out!

I didn’t really know a lot of Jack Johnson songs prior to this concert, and well, I still don’t. Nonetheless, his sound and musical stylings are uniquely his own. The entire show had a very chilled out vibe.

Musically, Jack Johnson and his band had perfect sound, providing the crowd with a solid performance and never dropping a note.

Highlight of this show included Jack’s cover of Steve Miller’s, ” The Joker” and the songs “Turn Your Love,” “Country Road,” “Give Voice,” and “Better Together”  where Jack had Paula Fuga join him.  I had never heard of Paula Fuga prior to this show, but was enchanted by her voice and energy.

Jack Johnson Setlist Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA, USA 2010, To The Sea

I know that a portion of  the attendees were not engaged throughout the show, but I really enjoyed myself.  I don’t think I can rant and rave for days about how awesome it was, but I can safely say that if you are a Jack Johnson fan you will not be disappointed. -lorn

Jack Johnson w/ Paula Fuga – Country Road

Jack Johnson – Better Together (Live)

Jack Johnson – Flake ( Live)


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