Ep.422 – Too $hort @ The Key Club – West Hollywood,CA – 11/06/10

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There is only one way to start this post off and that’s by saying… BIATCH!

I saw Too Short earlier this year at the Key Club and was excited to be going back for round #2. The first time I saw Too Short it was just him and a DJ going at it. This time around Short Dawg brought in a full band. Their is nothing quite like a raper preforming with a live band. It raises the already high energy of the performance 10 fold.

Too Short def handled this show and got the crowd moving. Towards the end of the show Short began to bring out some special guest including the legendary DJ Quik! The two preformed ” Lets Get Down” and it made the club get down!

In addition to DJ Quik, actors Michael Cera and Clark Duke made a special guest appearance. Both of the Actors joined Short and the band in preforming the Too Short classic “Two Bitches.”

Photo by: Binki Shapiro

This was a sight to see to say the least! They actually did a great job. The performance was led by Clark Duke for the most part, but Too Short and Michael Cera jumped in here and there. After seeing this, I truly hope the three hit the studio and re-record this bumpin track.

All and all, I had a great time at this show and it will most likely end up in my top 10 concerts of the year.  Oh, and if you don’t know who Too Short is, get your act together! -lorn

Check out this interview Michael Cera did with Conan about preforming with Too $hort.

Special thanks to Brad Hoss and the fine folks at the Key Club

Too $hort – Blow the Whistle

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I'll look past the fact that the guys who recorded this have 'HIPSTER' practically tattooed on their foreheads (and no, that's not a compliment) — cool video all the same.

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